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Sara Deaton  Saved by grace. In awe of my Creator. Blessed by adoption.🎹Welcome to the space where I share my little square hallelujahs!

Love how his little brother is preparing to help blow out candles. We all just watch and imitate, even subconsciously.
I had the thought today, I continue to labor and nourish my kiddos who were adopted. So much of it happens in the first year of life for biological kids, but more extended for ones whose beginning was hurt by trauma and loss. They need me to labor with mercy, to give life with my words, and to nourish with the milk of the Word.

Early morning hike with my family. School should go well today: our minds are invigorated! I’m delighted by Gods glorious light shining through the trees. My leg muscles are burning, but it’s a good feeling. I’m just so happy winter is over! You?

I love making meaningful rhythms on holidays for our kids. It doesn’t have to be defined by culture, but can be formed by the heart. What a privilege to spend Easter with friends who have a home full of heart, and welcome us into their family rhythm. Thank you, Jesus. You bring such a beautiful hope with your sacrifice!

I wish every night was date night. ❤️ Humble Beast gives away all their music... check them out if you like free stuff! 😊 The group we saw was Beautiful Eulogy, but my favs are Jackie Hill Perry and Propaganda. The message of the gospel comes through loud and clear and with incredible talent! 😍

Each sunset and sunrise, I’m climbing up the winding stairs to the top balcony, soaking in the beauty of God. (The only reminder alarm I have set this week.)

I’m so grateful for a weekend of family time, where my baby can tote around my brothers sweet baby, and we can love. It’s such a gift to be friends with your family! I truly am.

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