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Rosemary Bystrak 

crossed the stateline.

The great beasts. And also elephants at @sdzsafaripark with @drn2dream @thundercheetah21 @cbystrak et al.

That's not a kangaroo, that's a wallaby! Spending the afternoon with @drn2dream @thundercheetah21 @cbystrak and crew @sdzsafaripark.

I better capture the Valentine's flowers from Darren and Nova before this menace eats and/or knocks them all over. #love

I had the pleasure of interviewing @pattykinskins and @scottgarrettgraham of @thewindthewave before their show at @casbahsandiego. Sounding super great with an attentive crowd. #livemusic #sandiego @sddialedin @sounddiego @nbcsandiego #sandiegomusic #sandiegomusicscene @siriusxmu
Hope you feel better soon, @dwightabaker. Maybe @PurellBrand should sponsor the tour?
#fluseason #enough #nobodyheregetsoutalive

#Repost from @thewindthewave with @regram.app ... Interview with the lovely @sddialedin from @sounddiego. Thanks for joining me @scottgarrettgraham. Poor @dwightabaker is still feeling flu-y. 😷 We play @casbahsandiego tonight! Doors open at 8:30!

So great to see my old friend @tom_bingbong and his band @WesternScene at @casbahsandiego. 2nd stop of the night because Mondays don't have to suck. Especially when @thelocalpyle @timfears and @mehgreh are here. #livemusic #sandiego @sddialedin @sounddiego #sandiegomusic #sandiegomusicscene @siriusxmu

What an incredible set by @Phoebe_Bridgers. Got up front for the first part of the set at least. @SodaBarSD #livemusic #sandiego @sddialedin @sounddiego @cobracamanda #sandiegomusic #sandiegomusicscene @siriusxmu

Our baby Grayson III came into the light to let us know s/he was waiting for her dinner. Photo by @drn2dream (aka The Animal Whisperer)

Closing down @SodaBarSD tonight,
@thebellegame. #livemusic #sandiego @sddialedin @sounddiego @girlieaction #sandiegomusic #sandiegomusicscene @siriusxmu. PS sound and light dudes, you can be more dynamic with women than just red and pink light. Last night I was essentially told to mind my place, that the LD does what the artist demands but usually the artist is just like, "whatever." I'm sure they might actually appreciate focused pics with decent light to get some internet love from the majority of people just shooting from mobile devices. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that I am.

Thought I'd post another from last night while I'm in between shows tonight because it was so pretty.
@starfucker played a #soldout show @observatorynorthpark @observatorySD @casbahsandiego #casbahpresents #livemusic #sandiego @sddialedin @sounddiego #sandiegomusic #sandiegomusicscene @riotactmedia @capturedtracks @siriusxmu

Zen kitty. Tolerant kitty. @thundercheetah21 @drn2dream

Afternoon zen.

So dumb. Dead battery in my #Canon so I had to use my point and shoot, which makes Michael look like Jesus. @PassionPit playing a #soldout show @observatorynorthpark @observatorySD @casbahsandiego #casbahpresents #livemusic #sandiego @sddialedin @sounddiego #sandiegomusic #sandiegomusicscene @siriusxmu
#datenight with @drn2dream Shout out and huge thanks to Herb!

Last night of three #soldout #Pinback shows. So awesome this life I get to live. @casbahsandiego #livemusic #sandiego @sddialedin #casbahpresents @SoundDiego

I certainly did not bring my fancy cameras but damn if I'm gonna argue that this was a great night. @SoundDiego @sddialedin #livemusic #SanDiego #sandiegomusicscene #soldout

I suck and didn't charge my *real* cameras after St Vincent but I also knew a #soldout show would pose a challenge so I'm just here for the fun of Pinback and to hang with my people like @thelocalpyle and @timfears @tinyt187 #livemusic #SanDiego #sandiegomusicscene @SoundDiego #SOLDOUT @sddialedin

We were in such a hurry to get to St Vincent after derby, I didn't get a chance to share that @thundercheetah21 got the best jammer award from their opponent. I have never seen her beam like that, it made me cry a little.

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