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Salim Daher  9/13/17 💍.. LOVE. STRIVE. PROSPER

I wonder what the neighbors think of us 😂. @sonsirenco

Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful woman. She’s amazing, not a day goes by how happy I am with her. We are a perfect team. 7 months along already and I see the care and love of the mother she is going to be. Thankful and proud of you @sonsirenco I love you ❤️ Happy Mother’s Day!

Bigger house✔️,baby nursery✔️ (almost), enjoying life and these moments with my love ✔️, I know what to do when the baby comes... hop in this 700+hp beast. Our little girl is going to have a love for cars like her mom and Dad. We cannot wait to meet you Zaryah Daher ❤️ @sonsirenco

I’m not one to say I believe in love at first sight. But this overpowering feeling was there. I felt something without either one of us saying a word... Just a smile. Just one smile was all you needed to do. What you see to the left was the beginning. Less then a month into us. Something pushed me to get it for you. Turns out you really love sunflowers and that’s your birth stone. I fell in love with a woman. A woman full of love to give back. Without saying I love you I can feel it.. I remember one day we got some food. We were driving in my truck. You fed me. Now I don’t know about you or anybody else. But I’ve never been fed before. Felt strange but it was out of love. Little gestures such as that show love. I’m proud to say what shows on the right is a little piece of that love that started and so much more we have. I’m proud to hold your hand and call you my fiancé. I’m proud to say you’re the mother of our child to come. I’m proud to be the man for you and our baby. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It all happened so fast but if we planned on spending our lives together. Then there is no such thing as to fast when you know it’s right. I’ve known just from that first smile. I love you.

Before I saw you, I had thoughts and questions in my head for the doctor. I’ve been acting like Dr. Daher but when your mom and I saw you. We were lost for words. Everything went out the door. I looked over at your mom, even her image in my eyes changed and I saw this beautiful mother laying right in front of me. With my hand on her shoulder, I felt like I had the world in my hands. You are beautiful, both of you. To see you moving, waving your hands around was a sigh of relief. You are precious and full of life already. We love you little baby❤️.. and @sonsirenco you are prefect in every way. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives and I’m grateful we have one another. I love you always ❤️.

3 in 1 picture 😏 happy New Years from the Daher’s @sonsirenco

Back when we jumped out of a plane ✈️. Don’t like exposing my fears, but we did it together! I’d do it again and again!

Little baby Daher👑

#saltlakecity couple months ago. Now is the time to go for some good snow ❄️ ⛄️

Happy 50th pops!!! Love the fam

😴she got me slippin’ ❤️

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