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Salim Daher  9/13/17 💍.. LOVE. STRIVE. PROSPER

Happy holidays ya filthy animals, love the Daher’s!

You are beautiful Zaryah. Everyday watching you grow is a blessing. Everyday you’re changing so much. Making new noises, smiles, laughs. You’re perfect in every way. When I look at you. I know the kind of woman you will be and as your father I couldn’t be any more proud and happy. I love you baby girl.

You mean the world to me. Will always cherish and love you even when you’re wrinkly and old ❤️ love you babe.

Miss this girl so much. I’ve spent months looking for you. It’s been a year now and I still and will always have hope for you. Love you Kai, you would have loved baby Zaryah. You had a motherly side.

Happy 3 months my love. Time is going by quick like everybody said it would. ❤️

This sweet face❤️! She’s gonna break hearts and daddy’s gonna break legs.

Little boo!! 👻 🎃 ❤️

With the wife at Holy Jim. Had a lot of fun! She did great in her Jeep 🤘#fordraptor #jeep

This little girl melts my heart just like her momma ❤️ @sonsirenco

Happy two months little baby girl ❤️ it’s amazing watching you change every single day. I want it to slow down. @sonsirenco

This little angel had her first day at Disneyland yesterday. She won’t remember but the pictures will haha. She was calm, cute, happy and curious. I love you my wife and Zaryah ❤️

Did a thing today and surprised my newly beloved wife with a new car. It’s always been her favorite. I love you babe ❤️. #jeeprubicon #fordraptor #offroad. Thanks to @jstarautogroup

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