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Sam Nelson  Killin it

How’s about lovin’ life ⛳️🏡⚔️

We may be fuzzy, but we love our pussy! 💕 xx

Hey Guys, it’s Oscar here. Cos it’s my birthday Nels has let me take over his insta for the day. Needless to say I’ve been flat out today scrolling through @sausagedogcentral page checking out what all the other sausso’s are up to! Overall it’s been a pretty good 2nd birthday. Day went like this: 8:00am Breakfast (yum) 9:00am Chased some birds 1:00pm Watched TV with Nels & Cheong 5:00pm Birds came back so chased and barked at them (it worked, they left) and now I’m currently kicking back on the couch, ready to have a snooze. Here’s a pic of me with my sweet as denim jacket today and my favourite ball 🎾. Anyways, catch ya next time legends 🐶 #sausagedog #sausagedogcentral #daschund #dog #dogsofinstagram #instadog #puppy @sj_cheong

Happy Birthday to this legend! Hope you had a sick day 💃🏼🤙🏼🕺🏻


Don’t know what number touch this was, lost count after 40. #leather

This is the bidness #Cadbury

Throw back to the week we lived like Kings 👑 @sj_cheong @hollybutler25 @nelsyyboi #whitsundays #hamiltonisland #queensland #airliebeach

Doesn't get much better than this.

I guess it's the day to do it! Whether we are playing with Oscar, getting photos with random old ducks, catching sunsets on mountain tops, drinking monkey shit, sleeping in Bali taxis, dominating happy hours or smashing cocktails at Potato Head... We always seem to come out of it smiling and having some funny story to tell. Love ya SJ ❤️ @sj_cheong

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