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22 blokes at the top of their game. Two years runnin’ 🏆🏆

Sno cone sundayz ⛄️

How’s about lovin’ life ⛳️🏡⚔️

We may be fuzzy, but we love our pussy! 💕 xx

Hey Guys, it’s Oscar here. Cos it’s my birthday Nels has let me take over his insta for the day. Needless to say I’ve been flat out today scrolling through @sausagedogcentral page checking out what all the other sausso’s are up to! Overall it’s been a pretty good 2nd birthday. Day went like this: 8:00am Breakfast (yum) 9:00am Chased some birds 1:00pm Watched TV with Nels & Cheong 5:00pm Birds came back so chased and barked at them (it worked, they left) and now I’m currently kicking back on the couch, ready to have a snooze. Here’s a pic of me with my sweet as denim jacket today and my favourite ball 🎾. Anyways, catch ya next time legends 🐶 #sausagedog #sausagedogcentral #daschund #dog #dogsofinstagram #instadog #puppy @sj_cheong

Happy Birthday to this legend! Hope you had a sick day 💃🏼🤙🏼🕺🏻


Don’t know what number touch this was, lost count after 40. #leather

This is the bidness #Cadbury

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