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🎀 madison 🎀  Aries 🔪 | 𝟣𝟫 | John ♡ vampire that ♥’s pink

I’m kinda over highlight
Anyone else think it just ages ppl and only looks cute in photos??? (Or it looks good with certain fabrics like silk or taffeta but for a casual look it’s kinda??)

long hair is so pretty I luv mine

another awkward webcam selfie ?

I’ve been wanting this AA skirt since like 2015, and I finally got it lol.
Last night, I had the most vivid dream of cuddling my John. I could feel us embracing one another, and it’s rare for me to physically feel anything in dreams. Though it was only just that, a dream, it meant the world to hold one another again. It will be many more months til we reunite, so I’m thankful for the occasional dreams where I feel us cuddling or hugging once more. Apparently, I’ve become such a romantic. I mean, who dreams about hugging their boyfriend?
— excerpt from my Journal 11-7-18
(long distance relationship)

You can’t really see the pattern on this dress, but it’s REALLY PRETTY with velvet roses. I bought a bunch of clothing off Depop, and I’m super excited about all of it, haha.
P.S. I miss working at Spirit Halloween already.

I hate how wispy my ends are but I can’t bring myself to cut my hair eeeeeeh ft. some lush products that work rlly well for my skin type

Polaroid photo taken by my lil’ bro

another dumbass photo of me in this hat

honestly, rip my feed

satin dresses, scrunchies, and pillowcases are my fave ♡

PSA: I ♥️ my bf

I go through this weird red phase often where I’m suddenly obsessed with anything red but especially roses and neon signs. It’ll pass. Just deal with it for now lol 🌹

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