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The @mantatrust research boat out surveying for mantas in Baa Atoll, Maldives. Looks like they found some 😜 📷 @s.hilbourne

This little feather star decided it had had enough of sitting on the sea floor and got up for a late evening swim. Watching them move through the water is so mesmerising! 📸 @s.hilbourne

A hungry hawksbill turtle scraping a meal off the bed rock. 📸 @s.hilbourne

Coming face to face with a nurse shark on a night dive 🦈🔦 📸 @s.hilbourne

Face to face with the largest of the ray species - the oceanic manta ray (Mobula birostris). These cousins of the reef manta ray are far more rare in the Maldives but worryingly are the ones turning up in fish markets in Sri Lanka and India. 📸 @s.hilbourne whilst on a research trip for @mantatrust

There’s not much we’ll wake up at 3am for, but a feeding whale shark off the back of the boat is definitely one of them!

Filmed by @s.hilbourne
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An orange basslet amongst the stars (glass fish in this case)
📷 @s.hilbourne

New video from our trip to Borneo is up on our Scubography Facebook page. Here’s a quick taster.

Head to Facebook to watch the whole clip :)

Eye of the crocodile 🐊📸.
A crocodile fish (or De Beaufort's Flathead) have detailed iris lappets to break up the black pupil, thus aiding it in its camouflage when ambushing unsuspecting prey.
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Juvenile blacktip reef sharks are a common sight in the shallow waters just off the beach in the Maldives. They’re just so cute!! 📷 @s.hilbourne

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