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scubababes  This account celebrates all the beautiful girls of scuba and snorkeling like @tchoo_tchoo. If U want a shout out tag @scubabes on your pic. Pvt acct👎

Go follow @celiapadilla now! She has fantastic underwater pictures!! You won't be disappointed. Go now! Tag #scubababes in your diving photo if you want a shoutout

Now @tchoo_tchoo is a true Scuba babe❣Everyone go follow her now!! Remember to tag @scubababes in the post you want us to see! THANKS @tchoo_tchoo

Take the picture you want to review the absolute best price for the competition. If you win the competition that picture will be used as our new account cover photo. Just tag @scubababes in that picture. The competition starts in one month. If you tag more than one picture we will pick which one we want to use. But it must be an original and not one we have posted before. @scubababes needs a new cover girl since @rleepenn no longer has an account.

If you aren't following @tchoo_tchoo should be!! Great pics! Tag @scubababes into any pic you want a shout out...we will get to it. #scubababes #scubababe

@noomrose is comin at ya and will attack if you don't follow her!! Better do it! Tag @scubababes if you want a shoutout.

@tchoo_tchoo showing off her split fins and hot legs! Better go follow her!! Tag @scubababes for a shoutout!!

@manoelagraff looking quite bubbly underwater!! Love the nails too! Go check her out! Tag @scubababes if you want to be featured here.

@scubasavvy showing off her assets to the fish! Go check her out and follow her!! Tag @scubababes if you want us to feature you here!!

@jomcfadzean diving in some cold water. Warm up this @scubababes girl and add her! Go check her out now. Don't forget to tag us with @scubababes if you want a shoutout on here!! #scubababes #scubadiving #snorkeling

@scubababes blocks private accounts for our girls safety. Please respect our @scubababes ! No picture grabbing please!

@michelavalentino2 took our picture!! @scubababes appreciates it greatly. She's a great picture taker. We will start thanking people for taking our picture too.❤️

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