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Scott Sylvia  A father who is trying to figure it out before his kids do. [email protected]


My inner child. Stole this from @therealironsheik RIP

Thank you to the universe for letting me have a chance at doing what I love. If you don't love it. Leave it. There are thousands of people in this industry willing to climb over your back for 50$ and a little fame. Fuck those people and I ask that maybe you think about your intentions in this business. Tattooing is home to me. I would do it no matter what. It's the only place I feel truly comfortable. The only place I feel like I belong. I'm done with all the rats and roaches nipping at my life because they feel entitled. With your seminars on helping apprentices and your guest spots apps. To you Chinese investment firms buying up every supply company and knocking off people's hard work. Fuck you all. I love this job. I love this industries. I am grateful for everything it has given me. I won't let you take it from me. I won't become jaded because of you. You don't deserve the energy because you don't matter. You don't belong don't be long #therealblackhearttattoo #theoldstandardsupply

Teaching. #ebsfb whittling and wood carving. @eastbayschoolforboys #cutawayfromyourbody #spoonin

Fuck you instagram and fuck you who ever thought this is a good idea. How about meeting people. Making friends. Then work at their shop when they ask you. If you own a shop and can't get anyone to work there. Maybe think about why????? Keep the leaches out of my pond.

You dirty bastard.

Good news is someday we will all die and it won't matter anymore. GFY it's my Friday.

In the interest of good times and making myself available. I am starting the first Sunday of every month a walk in day for me. This Sunday starts it off. Hope somebody comes in.

Last one of the convention.

Lango says. "Post it". Done at the Austin convention

Super excited to be invited to this again. The most fun I have had tattooing in a long time. Come and see for yourself.