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So Called POTUS  The Donald, melania, and his entire cabinet are on notice. I won't stop till he is powerless.


No one owns the world. No one owns me. #unamericanandproud

They'll say anything to save the league long enough for them to die and not have to see it crumble. Don't buy the lies. It should have never made it to this point! Why aren't they condemning trump? Why aren't they saying his name? #babylonwillfall

That time again. Text "resist" to 50409 to let your representatives know you oppose cassidy-graham and you oppose repealing the ACA. #resist #endcapitalism #fucktherepublicanparty

#takeaknee any time you hear that song. Never forget the third verse. Never stand for this song. #blacklivesmatter

They'd rather watch the earth burn to ashes, instead of share it with you and me.
The elite must love watching all this. We fight, and they just keep raising gas prices. #connedstatesofamerica

Watch this over and over #takeaknee

If this doesn't touch you and make you want to be the change that this world needs

I'm not gonna finish that sentence. We gotta save these children. #forourkids #forourfuture

Look at the people around you. Family, friends, others you know. Remember who supported him. Never let go of who they are and remind them everyday that their hate is no longer welcome here. Make them live their shame. Make them uncomfortable. Make them hate their own hate. The love is here for them to find. The healing begins for them when they cut all the hate out. We can't help guide them to love until we make them hate their own hate. I love you all and thanks for the energy you're investing in OUR BETTER FUTURE. #blacklivesmatter

No ones ever held responsible for what they do in this country #eattherich

It took over 230 days in office for these trump lovers to finally get offended by trump? All the other shit didn't get you mad? He had to speak about athletes to get you all mad? Ain't buying them truly jumping ship. I think they are still part of the problem. #takeaknee

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