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Silver dollar eucalyptus bunch for @chelseahallphoto. Can you spot it on her website? 👀 check out my story to see it in action.
This is an example of what I refer to in my packages as a “brand element.” Brand elements are the things I get the most questions about, so here’s a short explanation: a brand element—usually an illustration, icon, texture, or pattern—is an additional piece of your visual identity outside of your logos that you can use to further customize/personalize your virtual [and print] presence. Brand elements help to carry the “feel” of your brand without you needing to paste your logo in every piece of white space. They can add a more personal touch to webpage, create continuity among the pages of your welcome packet, or serve as Instagram story icons, among other things.

Ew gross, amiright? Jk. It’s the best. If you’re struggling with being productive at the moment [as potentially evidenced by scrolling through IG?], I’ve got tips for you. And some day and week planner worksheets. Link in bio.

The first stage of working with me: super basic concept sketches.
When clients come to me, I’m often the first branding professional in which they’ve ever invested. It’s a really nerve-wracking and scary thing to invest money in your business. And working with me—with any professional designer—IS an investment.
Every designer is different; every designer’s process is unique to their systems and workflows. I’m going to try to do a better job of sharing more behind the scenes bits of my own process and what it’s like to work with me.

With Script + Vine clients, we wade slowly into the design process rather than dive in headfirst. After the initial paperwork, preliminary questionnaire, and meeting, the first stage of designing is light: images of rough sketches straight out of my @remarkablepaper tablet, coupled with some short notes to describe the vision.
This allows us to start a dialogue about what you do like, what you don’t like, and anything I haven’t included that you’d like to see. Since I work with creatives whose persona is at the core of their brand, I find that a design process that functions as a partnership is important in ensuring the final branding reflects the person behind the business as much as it reflects the business itself.

Probably thinking about dipping a croissant in a cappuccino, to be honest.
Hi, it’s me, Genevieve. I never know if people actually like reading #FridayIntroductions 🤷🏻‍♀️ but here are some things about me for those who do:
1. My favorite question to ask people is, “What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten?”
2. My favorite clothing item is the knit sweater.
3. I’m left handed and left footed.
4. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair auburn, but probably never will.
5. I always like to throw one lengthier thing in here for funsies, so here we go: One summer in college when I was interning for a chef/cookbook author and going through yoga teacher training, I interviewed at a boba place for a part-time job and a documentary filmmaker overheard my interview, came up to me after, and asked if I’d be interested in a freelance gig editing an article she wrote for Vanity Fair. I ended up being her editor for a year up until I got a full time job and moved across the country. Her house was in the Santa Monica hills and the most LA place I’ve ever seen.
Shout out to @bekahkay for taking so many of photos of me not looking like the grump I truly am inside 🖤 👵🏻

Sent out my first “dear creative,” weekly newsletter/love letter/creative pick-me-up this morning, complete with anonymous survey and a small homework assignment. Feeling like a real business owner, man.
If you didn’t get it and want to get it, click the link in my profile to sign up. I’ve set an ~*automation*~ so that everyone who signs up will still receive the first newsletter to get them started (and can still fill out the survey and/or respond to the email with topic suggestions/requests), so it’s never too late to join.
📷: @bekahkay

I love these little trees for @raeleemarie’s rebrand 🌲

Just a little Monday reminder for you. #youaremagic
This week—this next month, really—is super busy for me and I’m trying to balance doing the work I currently have, prepping for work coming up, and doing background things to make sure work keeps coming in...but I’m finding it difficult to force myself to set time aside to do the less-immediately-gratifying things. Like writing blog posts. Planning my newsletter. Setting solid foundation for larger projects that won’t launch until 2019. Stuff like that.
To motivate myself, I create little rewards. “Finish up this brand board draft and then you can make yourself a fresh coffee” or “Write two blog posts and then you can take a 30 min walk and listen to a non-business podcast.” Sometimes bribing myself with mini “rewards” is the ONLY way I get things done, but it does work 🤷🏻‍♀️ ***
What do you do to keep yourself motivated on those days when all you want to do is veg out?? I’ll take all the tips.

Don’t you hate it when you wake up and are having a good stretch and then right when you hit the top of it, the galaxy spills out? Ugh, so annoying.

This is what my mornings look like... my dreams 😴
In reality, my morning looks like a homemade pumpkin cranberry bran muffin and a fresh cup of coffee [no cream], still in PJs, sitting on my couch in front of my laptop as I knock out some coding and so I can have a clear head for my afternoon of branding.
And I’ll probably waste—I meant spend—some time on here between tasks 🤷🏻‍♀️ what’s your Friday look like?

Along with a site redesign, I did a little rebranding of my own 🤓

Dancing into Wednesday like...
...because my new website is live!!
Accompanying Announcements:
1. I now offer custom WordPress web design services, so if you rebrand with me AND want a shiny new website built with both aesthetics and the user experience at top of mind, hit me up. My WordPress websites can be edited on the front end (like Squarespace or Showit) it’s kind of awesome and basically takes all the scary out of WP.
2. I won’t be offering logo-only design packages after October 5. This is a big one for anyone who has been waiting to book me for just a logo. I’ll make a couple more announcements over the next few weeks, but then that’s it. If you’ve been holding out and want to work together but don’t want a larger package, contact me ASAP to reserve a spot.
3. If you see any typos or weird stuff on the website, take a screenshot and let me know...I’ll be embarrassed but it’s one of those spinach-stuck-in-your-teeth things where I’d rather find out soon and be embarrassed for a short period than find out later and be embarrassed that the error was there for so long, ya dig?
📷: @bekahkay

Going through client work from the last couple years to put together the portfolio for my new website (this is honestly the hardest part of designing the thing!) and fell in love with @laura.syvaniemi’s Love June branding all over again. Purposefully left the white inside of the florals on this to make the illustration pop even more against a colored background.

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