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Sandy Scribbles 🌊 BᎾRN AᏀAIN- ᎦCRIBBᏝES in a ᎦᎾNᏩ BᎾᎾK, VOL 1 🌱 “Streaming Everywhere” #alternativernb #earthgirl #unsignartist

🚨 #Outsiders 🔥⛽️ Have you seen the video? If you have not seen it, shared it etc ... we not cool🤗 😜 #directedby Jorge Zambrano | Produced by @kiddzaza #mixedby @bayeight | Which song should I drop next tho? Yal asked for Outsiders and got it 😘😘😘 #youtubechannel #youtubemusic #arthoe #blackanimation

How I handle my problems 🌞 will #Indie life be my best life? I’ve made some promises that got me nervous and the f*ck out of my comfort zones... but I’m a just lay back and trust the omens. #Outsiders LINK IN BIO #sundayfunday #indielife

Racism is Real. Karma is a Bitch.
2018: Say Less. 📸 @purpleglass.visuals 🌊 #collectiveconsciousness #earthgirl #eclectic

Caption This 🙏🏾Salute the Shooter 📸 @purpleglass.visuals | I love the care he puts into his craft. He has a crazy eye for photo composition and his edit skills super wavey. Taught himself and now works for himself #diyartist #photography #magic #rnbmusic

📺 BRAND NEW VIDEO🌊🌊 #Outsiders - Click the link in bio! Like, comment, share all that good ish - if it goes hard 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 📽 #movie #trap #rnb - [x] OUTSIDERS is produced by @KiddZaza a super 🔥 Flameo 🔥 producer. When I met him, he was engineering at Circle House (a super dope, legendary at this point, studio). NOW He has his OWN studio in the Bank of America in N.Mia. Super thankful that we got to work together 🙏🏾🙏🏾 This is one of my favorite songs period.
CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO!!! 😂😂 #musicvideo

!Episode 2 - Outsiders 🌊 drops tomorrow | Salute to The amazing animator; Jorge Zambrano 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 - So much gratitude for him 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 He has his own production company that specializes in #animation MRZ Productions in Weston, FL. He’s super dope and he really looked out for me on this project. He doesn’t have a production team so he does all of this hand drawn animation work on by himself!! True #DIY So it takes him a lot of love and effort to create this colorful action packed animated series .||||| (Swipe Left) to See More of the Process||||||. I was flicked up by @fotos.aloc btw 📸 🎥The plot of the series is that ~ my better self👤 discovers hidden talents and abilities 🧞‍♀️as I try to out run the “they”s 🤬😉. ***📑We started with Character Development- 🙋🏾‍♀️Look and Wardrobe ✏️Then he did a Test sketch - after finalizing the story line so I could give a 👍🏿 I gave a 🙌🏿 🛀🏾Then I got some colored stills/jpegs 🎞 Before he sent the entire first Episode, 📺 he sent the first 30 secs to make sure the colored final was cool. Episode one (1) is OUT NOW ... the link is in my bio 🔌 | **** 📽 episode two (2) drops tomorrow! and three (3) drops soon after 🌊 - #musicvideo #blackamination #cartoons #blackcartoons
Besides Storm from X-men; does anybody know any other black animated female heroes?

Outsider | NOT an independent artist but a #diyartist.
A DIY artist: (1) has no management or label.
(2) little to no team.
(3) a small to not existent budget. (4) loves doing what they do much, all that doesn’t even matter. (5) still able to provide quality #music and #content like the pros. | Tag someone who’s the same |

Photography by the Young God @fotos.aloc | 🙏🏾 Outsiders - Episode 2 drops this week btw |
I recently wrote a song about how procrastination is holding me back. It’s wavey and it will be on volume 2. I think I was procrastinating because it’s so much to do and it felt like climbing a mountain. You start to wonder if you’re doing the right thing. But then you realize being happy is the right thing. I had to mentally get out of transition like I still need to get way over there. Now, I’m having fun right here; making music and moves with ppl I love. I know and work with some of the best underground talent and writing songs that will live long after I die. It’s nothing truly amazing tho; don’t be fooled. It’s literally trading in Netflix for sessions; a couple nights out for video shoots; and instead of relaxing and doing nothing, I write songs. Growth is my hobby. Wildly Dreaming and swimming across oceans is in my blood (daughter of an Immigrant) . So many backed artists are pretending to be DIY; it’s time we take real pride in where we at and what we are able to accomplish on our own. I won’t be in phase forever so I wanna squeeze every drop of good shit out of it. #earthgirl #alternativernb #dreamer #arthoe 😂

Let every ending be the beginning of something better💕 | Age of the #Outsiders | 📸✨ @fotos.aloc | How’s your Sabbath 🌱 ? | ᎠᎥᎦᏣᎾVEᎡᎣ #alternativernb search: Sandy Scribbles on YouTube to check out my ishhhh #linkinbio🔥

Episode 2 - drops 4-11
#Outsiders #produced by @kiddzaza #Animation by Jorge Zambrano - The |volume one visual series| is about traveling through different dimensions and over coming “They”. It’s an animation of my more fearless self. I’ve been Outsider in this game for a while and I’m learning to embrace it. I truly appreciate the unexpected love and support I got on this project. I honestly would be doing something else if I didn’t get so many messages, videos, emails, DMs, and just over all support from people I don’t even know. I guess it’s like that .... anyway. Thank you Merci Gracias 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Salute to all the OUTSIDERS 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 It’s our time 🙏🏾 Feel free to hit me when ur thoughts below ...

Bout to drop Ep 2 - check out Ep 1, in the meantime. It’s about waking up in a new world with endless possibilities 🌍 Watch me shake the “THEY”s BornAgain produced by @audiojones #rnbplaylist #animations

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