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Hello writers and readers,
Take a minute and please look into the matter.
Don't you think plagiarism is a serious crime?
Its someone's backbreaking work you're stealing and posting as yours by fudging original content.
It takes days, for writers to write-down.
It takes hours, for editors to make it captivating.
But, it takes seconds to steal someone's work and post it as theirs.

While, some of the pages have stolen the whole concept (of publishing the writers)
Doesn't it sound evil?
But, enough!
Now, every post (image) on "Scrawled Stories" is licensed under CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Copy from us. So be ready to face the consequences.
We have found some small, big pages who copy our content, crop down our signature and Writer's name, and publish it as theirs post.
We never know, unless some followers informed us. We're really thankful to @aashitkankariya, @muzzu23 and some others..
If you really admire us or our work, we request you to take a second and report against them by visiting their profiles, clicking on their posts (of us) and report.
It's a humble request to you 🙏🏻
Some pages, we know.

Reporting will be resulting in, suspension of the page. (As we have consulted legal advisers)
Please comment down all the pages you know.
Suggested pages will be added in the above list.
Comment your view about 'Plagiarism'

Note: If any Page/Writer would like to learn more about reporting on Instagram, DM us.
Heartfelt thanks to every single of you.
Scrawled Stories.

"A story changes with a time so do equations and emotions"
Scrawled by @vishakharathour Curated by @rawwriter 👌🏻

"Sometimes, we tend to choose to be unhappy to make another happy"
Scrawled by (Curator) @writer0209 👌🏻

"His all the dreams shattered when she denied"
Scrawled by Prashanth Hosmani Curated by @n__onymous 👌🏻

"He was Friendzoned again consoling her"
Scrawled by (Curator) @n__onymous 👌🏻

"The argument ends with *Awh* moment"
Tag someone 😊
Scrawled by @eshachaudhary8 Curated by @mr_kunal 👌🏻

"Friendships do last longer than relationships"
Tag your childhood buddies 🤗
Scrawled by @glimpsebyvk Curated by @rawwriter 👌🏻

⠀[Read the full version here]

"Why am I finding my happiness in yours?
When I know all that you care is for your own.

Why am I still caring for you?
Knowing that betrayal was all I got in return.

Why did I believe in your 'forever'?
When I knew forever is just a lie.

Why are you still my biggest priority?
When I know I'm nothing but a joke to you.

Why is my heart still longing for you?
When I know my absence will never affect you.

Why am I pretending to be strong?
When I know I'm completely shattered.

Why am I trying to move on?
When I know my heart ain't that strong.

Why am I hoping that you'll​ come back?
When I know you never will."

Scrawled by (Curator) @talesbykeshav 👌🏻

"I have so much from you yet nothing of you"
Scrawled by @jessica_dc06 Curated by @talesbykeshav 👌🏻

"I'm selfish enough to be the bestfriend with my bestfriend."
Tag your best friends 🤗
Scrawled by @wordsthatineversaid Curated by @mr_kunal 👌🏻

"Commitment was never a condition"
They want your commitment, never treat it as a condition"
Scrawled by @vikasjamadandi Curated by @diary_of_a_wretched_soul 👌🏻

"A water that we use to waste every single day of our life, is a soul for farmers"
Scrawled by @soumithr Curated by @rawwriter 👌🏻

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