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Scratch Toys  Home of the PT01 Scratch Internal Audio Source Plate Kit! Visit our website today to pre-order your own kit!

I was seeing all the post people were submitting about receiving their Skratchator orders and I was thinking DAMN! they look so cool! I should maybe order some stuff and then today I get this!!! Lol! I forgot I pre-order all the stuff!! Very cool !! @threadsandneedlez

Testing matching faceplates for the PT01 Sound Plate!
Some orders for this week will be shipped with the first prototypes for your review!

Check us out on

Original ceramic cartridge mount!

Testing it right now and I really like it, just had to use a headshell weight and the short screws and the feel is great, well balanced and stuff.

Remember this is to use the original PT01S ceramic cartridge and needle with a modd tonearm like Jesse's or Bihari, and in my case to eliminate the need to have a Pre-amp to save power.

Attached is the model I got, it comes with the ceramic needle.

Well it works!

Quick test: Cues on a single Dicer unit connected to the Raspberry Pi running #PiDeck

Cues super responsive but are not saved, still working on implementing that.

Upgraded to the 7-inch LCD screen and new mount

Update to the PiT01S DVS with #PiDeck

We just upgraded the LCD to a higher quality 7-inch LCD and case with new mounts, the results are awsome! Incredible touch response, crisper image and resolution.

Thanks to the last visit to the @txscratchleague monthly scratch session and djs there testing the unit we immediately saw somethings to improved and new ideas for this project.

We hope to add videos soon.

So new idea for this project after the #TSL visit, we will start a new external project where everything will be contained in the LCD case so you will be able to hook it up to a slightly modified PT01S or a regular turntable and mixer. - Some new details in case you are interested

1.- 9800mAh Battery tested and doing good so far.

2.- Audioinjector Sound Card is super solid and will be the sound card of choice.

You can get that sound card in eBay or amazon, just do a search as Audioinjector for Raspberry pi or Sound Card for the Raspberry Pi, attached are the pictures.

3.- LCD will be Official 7 raspberry pi touchscreen by Pi Foundation element14

4.- LCD mount is the SmartPi Touch Case for the official raspberry pi 7" touchscreen display

5.- Files for the 3D mount for the PT01S seen here will be available soon on thingiverse

In case you want to use the original ceramic cartridge with the Jesse Dean or Bihari tonearms check this 3D mount we just uploaded to thingiverse , it's useful when you don't want to install a Pre-amp for example to save power from having so many modds or save money on needles.

It's free to download on just search by PT01

Also this cartridge used to have an original screw mount that is hard to find, I'm including the photo, I manage to find some old stock of that mount on some websites

Sample of new model connections.

Remember that the Sound Plate is pre-assembled you don't need to disconnect anything from it, just connect the white cable with yellow sleeve to the grey cable with red connector, and the power cable from the USB board goes to the harness and the cable marked with a U goes to the USB board.

More photos of the PiT01S Concept

Say hi to the PiT01S! LOL!

Raspberry Pi prototype platform, for now just a proof of concept running PiDeck but it can be switch to any other DVS running on Pi, retains all PT01S features except USB OUT as that was replaced with the Raspberry

BTW, before you ask, that's a CJ minixfader prototype!

Few details:

1.- Normal PT01S operation

Internal Fader
Internal Speaker

2.- Sound Plate installed
3.- Serato Vinyl control
4.- Touch Screen
5.- HDMI out
6.- One Power source

Not supported for now

1.- Batteries
2 - Switch to regular Vinyl

More pictures and videos later today.

Finally back on manufacturing and assembling mode!!!!!

NIM for the @jessedeandesigns JDDX2RS available now at

New NIM for the @JesseDean JDDX2RS, it will make it easier to swap faders without the need to open the turntable, also mount it at 45 degrees.

Free to download at

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