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  Tired of pencil and ink. Playing with a engraving chisel on chrome plated brass mirror media.

I liked this from @rickbas9 1"x2" engraved in chrome.

A Hollowtine theamed piece for the season. I could not get a good still pic on this one. 2"x2" engraved in chrome.

Now wit video the effect of light on the engraving can be seen. 2"x2" Jim Carey engraved in chrome

It's been a while but last week I had some time to play. 1"x1" engraved it chrome.

A new kupin for fun. Walkins make a good trade item. 2"x2" engraved in chrome

Love American style. Happy lovers day all. 2"x2" engraved in chrome.

Starting a new large piece. Day one. Outline. The last tat piece was cool so here another. 4x4 engraved in chrome.

Another view after polishing. Some of the tattoos are not visible at this angle. 4"x4" engraved in chrome. #sarafabel

It took several lunch breaks to get this one done but Tattoos are way cool drawn with light. @sarafabel this is one of my favorite shot of you. 4"x4" engraving in chrome. The picture you see is the refraction of light from the distortion of the surface.

A quick little piece. I hope to have time to cut more. 1"x1" engraved in chrome.

It's been a while but I had a few min. at lunch today. 2x2 engraved in chrome.

Finely had some time to draw. Playing in depth. Jack of Hearts. 2"x2" engraved in chrome.

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