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nick  Fc is 2122-6928-1193 Don't make deals on my page! New follower like 3 pics Comment acnl ! If you like my posts :)

Power whips your mom all night long #shinypokemon

Flare blitzes your entire fucking family #shinypokemon

Dragon dances on your fucking grave.

Bullet punches you in the fucking face #shinypokemon

The place where 99 percent of the world's shinies are hatched #shinypokemon

He got almost 1k in 1 week. I'm so pissed of at this. Just because I'm not friends with bug accounts like @/dianciee or @/shinymotisma doesn't mean I can't be a big part of the community or that I don't deserve followers. I have tried to do 3 giveaways all with under 10 entries. I'm so fucking salty about this. I had 1k ! But no my friends fucked me over there. Now I'm stuck like a fucking peasant #shinypokemon

@aattvvv now I have to win

Guys please vote for me on @azelf_awards I'll do a giveaway if I win :) I really wanna win #shinypokemon #acnl

Everyone vote for @aattvvv for best dawn on @azelf_awards

Vote me best hilda account on @azelf_awards #shinypokemon #acnl

"Not posting till 500 followers" remember when you had to earn followers. Ash good times. Point is people like this are RETARTED

Haha I'm laughing my ass of right now. .
Rosie and mint got in a fight.
Mint sends rosie a thank you gift rosie says "its a shame it's to ugly yo even try on" it was a mint tee XD
Qotd: town ship?
Aotd:none really
#byebyevillager #acnldreamie #acnl #animalcrossing

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