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Scotty McDonald  I ride around in Ubers just to see if they're listening to @hit105brisbane. Weekend radio announcer & social media dude 📻 Addicted to passion.

Today's a wonderful day! So so honoured.
#Repost @eggoau
Very proud of this super team! Firstly Breakfast #1 in Brisbane this survey! Huge result and for the station to be sitting #2 FM is incredible! Thank you to every listener and every member of the @hit105brisbane team.

Here's to realising who I am. My heart got Bieber slapped tonight. From his first appearance in a glass box writing messages to the outside world, to his humble, raw performance of Purpose, Justin's ongoing theme of being okay with falling short but still working so hard to live for something so much more left me with shivers up my spine and an almost silent drive home as I tried to process how much I needed his concert tonight.
It's weird to say, but I got it. It's 1% of the world he lives in but I get what it's like have a charisma and influence that you don't know how to use or even understand. I got that feeling of flying high achieving people's expectations of who you are, then being crushed under the weight of falling miserably short of what everyone wanted from you. Sometimes in that moment the very people you most needed to back you up, hold you up, stand you up run... and never return. I've felt life living inside a glass box with everyone expecting you to be something, for a while it's great, then you fall short.
Worst of all though is letting down the people that really matter - the ones that fight for you when you've got nothing to fight with. The ones who forgave you when you fell into the pit and truly hurt them. The ones who stood by you even when everyone else told them to run from you.
So I'll admit it, I'm still discovering who I am and what the gifts I have are for. I know I wasn't ready for the responsibility and political complexity of some of my previous roles. I need solid people calling me to the standard I set for myself all the time. I need to get better at saying no and not feeling guilty for not being able to be who people need me to be. I need to get better at being wise about my friendship circle, my previous role showed me I can get too easily swayed. I need to love and appreciate those friends who keep showing up even when I disappear.
All I can ask from the many people that have been hurt is to please give me grace and realise without the experiences I've lived and the gifts that I have you can't imagine what it's been like.
I'm ready now to drop the crap and live for the purpose I know I was designed for.

When I first got my license I was sad I wouldn't catch the bus into the city anymore, since then I've turned to bragging about never having to use public transport. It's only when I'm doing workday shifts on @hit105brisbane that I catch the train in and remember how much I enjoy public transport. People are amazing, the city is amazing and watching them meld together full of experience, ideas, memories and thoughts from the day is just such a wonderful way to unwind. #brisbane

After two hectic years I've used all the pages in this journal! Reading back through it I reckon the biggest lesson I've learnt is that you often know you're in the wrong place long before you actually realise it and that people are the key to life - the people you surround yourself with will either stifle or unlock your potential. Thank God I'm now safely surrounded by the latter.
Here's to a fresh new @moleskine_world Journal and two more amazing years of experience.

Mission Complete ✅ Turns out South African smiles are created thanks to a green bottle of pure sugar called Spa-letta.

Sally's making me watch her all time fav romantic movies to try and make me a "better man" - here's a little preview of the first episode - would love it if you gave our little weekly podcast a shot by subscribing with the little link in my bio (or search iTunes for Scotty and Sal 👌🏼) #romance #chivalry #podcast

#Regram with a new filter. Great breakfast with my pastor, @chardonlewis, was another reminder that in career, faith and life I'm walking amongst true giants.

After four very different conversations with @_buzz7, @maddy_bayley, @noblezac & @domfay yesterday I feel finally at peace that career, friendships and call are all going to happen as they should if I just let go and let God sort through the confusion and unknown.
Also how good is tagging Buzz in a Jesus spam post.

"We spend years living those stories and expect our lives to be meaningful"
Every few years I have to go back to @donmilleris A Million Miles in a Thousand Years to get a good slap in the face 📚
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As much as I love my seven hour Saturdays on air 📻 I'd probably die if it wasn't for @youfoodz at the halfway mark. •
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⛅️ Rainy Brisbane Acai Bowl day 🍉 •••
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