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Scott Towne  Because it's fun, bro.

Rare copy of Black Flag's Everything Went Black x2 LP. Released during a legal battle between the band and a previous label, the Black Flag name is blocked out everywhere, inside and out. The infamous "bars" are not so inconspicuously hidden at top right. As punk as it gets. I believe "my" copy here actually belongs to @superlewman I'm taking good care of it, Lew. ⬛️◾️⬛️◾️

Looking forward to more #tabletoptuesday action coming up sooner than later. If you couldn't get your hands on a copy of the Ride BMX magazine and want to read the piece about me from a couple months back, I've posted it in semi high-res glory on my Tumblr site. Still can't believe this happened. I can't thank the boys at Ride BMX, (especially Jeff Z.) and my man Sean Newton for always making me look better than I deserve to. Link in my profile.

🔺LUNCH RUSH🔺 Mike Seals clocks in with the ol' ice/tooth 1-2 during a fleeting midday session on a glorious day. #februaryweather

The dog loved the dog park, but wasn't too stoked on the skatepark. My dawgs, however, were definitely stoked. #stokeddawgs #skatedawgs

Young dog/old tricks. Beautiful days.📱 @andymcdon

Saw so many incredible bikes today, I can't believe I'm calling a Schwinn Scrambler my favorite, but it was. The green paint, the nickel Redline V bars and forks, along with Campagnolo hubs, cranks and (all wrong) road pedals, it was a work of art. I am an 11th degree BMX nerd.

Take it for Baco. I have no business trying to ride in a flatland jam, but I had an agenda today. I watched for someone with proper hang 5 technique, introduced myself, and said "Can you watch me try a couple hang 5s and let me know where I'm going wrong?" The person I approached was @letsgoflatland and he broke down the science for me in simple terms I could understand. I've been trying this trick for so long at this point, I knew there was something I was doing wrong, but riding by myself in a barn, I wasn't going to figure it out. A little after the debriefing from Paul and @johnu773, I saw Baco Kingpins @chrisrye and Mark Hilson. I've known Chris for awhile but only met Mark a couple years ago. I brought up the hang 5 lessons I was just involved in, and Mark elaborated on where my technique was failing and broke it down even more. He then hopped on my bike, and without so much as a feeler wheelie, popped into a beautiful hang 5 and cruised around the room. These guys have no idea how much their advice and instruction means to me. As silly and insignificant as a bike trick may seem (and it is, really), there's something in my soul that just can't let go of it. It's a feeling I can't describe. I can't wait to work on these some more. My bike knows how to do them now, too...

Such an amazing day with these dudes today. We hit the Old School BMX show in Crown Point, Indiana and it was non-stop ball busting, bench-racing and endless laughter. Secret-language kind of friendship with these guys. BMX lifers that go way beyond BMX. Brotherhood never ends.

Surreality check. #fakenews #missilecommand

I've had a lot of motorcycles in my day, and as semi-lame and tame as this one appears, I love it. Starts easy, rides easy, handles easy. It ain't easy being easy. #dt175 #2stroke #enduro #yamahahaha

#tbt July 2015. One of the last few times I raced and really cared about it. It had already been a heavy year for me, then Scot Breithaupt died. Scot's passing rocked the BMX world and it effected me deeply. He was my hero, my friend and one of the individuals most responsible for making this thing, bicycle motocross, that I love so dearly, legitimate. I painted up my bike and helmet in the spirit of Scot and SE Racing, put a knobby on on the front, and headed for Waterford Oaks for a Gold Cup race (with a little nudge from @solanfoster). In staging before the main, I noticed a long crack, right in the center of my 20-year-old Comp III tire. I thought about that rough asphalt first turn at the end of that long first straight and really started to panic. What would Charly Narly do? I loaded it up in the gate, got a good snap, said a few prayers going into the first turn, and held on for a strong second place behind my lifetime nemesis (and nemesis to everyone who's every raced him), Dugan Neal. I gave a big fist pump across the finish line, more excited for my tire not exploding than for the Silver, but I was pretty excited regardless. I still think about Scot all the time. 📷Jeremy Hull.