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Scott Towne  Because it's fun, bro.

Covering second angle for @gluten_free_ebola 📹

Eat the rich.

✨SPACEMAN SEAN✨ For Halloween in 4th grade, I wore an out-of-the-box Evel Knievel costume, complete with cheap-ass plastic mask (with the rubber band around the back). I knew the store-bought get up was lame, but it was Evel, so I had to. Thinking back to my rural neighborhood, I can't believe anyone actually gave out candy. Anyrate, at the third house on my route (a half mile from my house), the elderly lady opened the door to administer treats and proclaimed "Oh look, a spaceman!" . I didn't correct her, but I was bummed. This photo of @seanienewton from tonight has little to do with this long-winded tale, other than the act of me still jumping bikes is largely inspired by that daredevil spaceman on the flying Harley Davidson.

Screening my calls.

Today in Birdland History,2016. #mushmouth

Motivated seller.

A dog's life. #doberman

Stack it and pack it. #digtrails

Congratulations to our honor student. Class of 2017 (the pretty one in the middle). #doberman #classof2017

DEL TACO. One of many highlights from yesterday. Spending the whole day with this kid was the best. He's minutes away from being too cool for me, but I'm not letting go.

Poetry in motion. Eli Tomac on his way to another 450 class win in Detroit. We had a kickass time at Supercross last night. Big thanks to @nicksta_gram and DC Shoes for the tix. 📹 by the dick in the 20th row with his phone in the air.

Keep your friends close and your friends closer. @solanfoster and myself. TRP. #RIPYankee 📹 @heath_ries

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