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Scott's Bass Lessons  NEW LESSON: The secret to learning the ENTIRE fingerboard (EASY shapes)... to check it out click here:


NEW SBL COURSE: Contemporary Groove Techniques with Damian Erskine (@damianerskine)!! In this course you’re going to learn about he exact rudiments Damian used to master his signature 3 finger technique, using and applying accents within your grooves, how to practically apply Damian’s 3 finger technique within your own bass lines, how Damian approaches building chords on bass AND way more!! So head out to scottsbasslessons.com and start your course. If you aren't yet a member, make sure to use your 14-day free trail ;)

REPOST SBL Faculty Member @rufusbass // Ok a follow up: here I break down the 'extended' fingering idea, and demo using it on both a G major 7 AND G dominant 7... Check it out!

NEW YOUTUBE LESSON: The secret to learning the ENTIRE fingerboard (EASY shapes) 🔥Link on Bio🔥

In this lesson I'm going to show you the real secret to learning the fingerboard. And if you follow and learn the concepts in this lesson, you're going to be able to play ANY groove over ANY chord, ANYWHERE on the fretboard... without having to move your hand to a new position.

Music is a language and we learn it like one. Transcribing solos, bass lines and fills/licks will broaden your vocabulary and expand your bass playing.

Check out this NS Design CR-5M upright. Are you into Electric Upright Basses (EUB's)?? Photo: @b.a.s.s.p.o.r.n

4 on the floor!

Academy peeps... the latest Academy show is up and running!! In this week Geoff and I talk about Damian Erskine's new course, look at Phil's latest seminar, Princes Last Bass and take a look at 'Gear Week' in this weeks Campus Focus.

If you haven't checked out the Academy yet, get your 14 day FREE trial at scottsbasslessons.com

NEW SBL Student Spotlight – Jack Crawford Zaferes (Link on Bio)

Stolen Rhodes bassist Jack Zaferes tells Nick Wells about the highs and lows of playing in a Philadelphia rock band. In this edition you'll know about Jack's beginnings on bass, the music scene in Philadelphia, what he gained as an SBL student, and much more!!

Check out this quick exercise for walking base lines using 'chromatic passing notes'. I'm applying it over the first 4 chords of "Autumn Leaves", but you can use it over your favourite jazz standard.

Gorgeus @adamovicbasses with poplar top! Do you have an exotic top on your bass?

Dusting off some chromatic mixolydian licks over D7.

NEW SBL PODCAST: In Conversation with Carey Nordstrand – Wire, Wood & Magnets 🔥 Link on bio 🔥

@carey_nordstrand (the man behind Nordstrand Guitars / @nordstrandaudio) has established a fine tradition for building top-of-the-range guitars and basses. In this episode you're going to learn all about Carey’s approach to instrument making, what he learnt from his time at Suhr Guitars, what to expect from his new album with Moba Jones, and much much more!

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