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Rob Scott  The potential of Art is limitless. Real eyes, realize, real lies. The world's a stage, choose your character wisely. Romans 3:4 Based in Windsor, ON

Was great how fast she healed. .
Booking September, if we have a piece that needs to be finished or that you have a deposit on please message me.
See you soon :)

Here for the XP points

Soaking in good times good people. So much to be said bout all these beauts

Some of the best days around :) Happy Biiiirthday to me :) thanks for the wishes, thoughts and prayers. Miss you all! Time starts for real now? (thanks for the picture @xeg.k !)

We made it out to Cochrane last night. Time to chill out for a minute.nice having @cheybaay giving us a break from the motorcycle as silly as that sounds.

This was making our way to Winnipeg now off to Regina. Took forever to get out of Ontario...but that ride was so beautiful. Really a splendid time rolling through the hills and all the little or huge lakes that was along the way. Lake Superior as a joy ride is a must! Huge billowing clouds and we passed through some super knarly upside down stranger things clouds yesterday evening. Everything is going smoothly :) not doing this for the pictures as there's so many beautiful shots we wouldn't get anywhere pulling over all the time! August in northern Ontario is way cooler than lessons :p

FEAR.alot to be said about our views of fear and what play it has on our every move. .
Catch ya later!

Can't make this stuff up lmao @victoria.g.scott #lilrider

When the ink runs dry. Literally just did my last tattoo before zipzop as well...

Beautiful day riding with @victoria.g.scott thanks Gilbert for the photos!

Don't go forgetting #mementomori

Hilarious session! Great time @stephfox89
Packing up for this wild road trip. Booking September :)

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