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Scottish Mothers Collective  A collective for women who are just trying their best to 'balance' mum life with work life and all that's in between ✌🏻

Oh. Sweet. Lord @singlendcafe this is another level 🙌🏻 Sunday and brunch - an endless love affair. But balancing the wee ones with our penchant for eggs and good coffee can be a bit trickier. Where are your favs? Tag away mamas and may your coffee be strong and your yolks be soft 🤞🏼

☝🏻😎 #Saturdayfeels

Happy weekend girl gang. Here's to you❣️

Happy Valentines Day mummies and big love to @thehotcrossmum for the awesome pic 💘💘💘

If you want to check out my stuff I currently have some of my products for sale at @themhorcollection #mhorinstore. It’s a fabulous shop and well worth a visit.
Thanks to @scottishmotherscollective for having me today. Is been a blast. Love Cat @2moreheadsstore xxxx

At @2moreheadsstore I bring together some really beautiful natural cosmetics. @madeofmargate (the Haeckels products you can see) is a fabulous brand who make everything from a base of seaweed that they harvest themselves from the Kent Jurassic Coast. They are all divine and link completely to nature and looking after what we have, something that resonates strongly with me. @cousudefilblanc is a beautiful French brand, mainly specialising in soaps and candles. They are all hand made and hand wrapped in reclaimed paper, and sewn with a white thread (cousu de fil blanc). They are completely natural and are great for all types of skin. @lucky.cloud is an #Edinburgh based company, that started due to owner Lucy’s own issues with finding products that worked for her skin. All of her products are natural, vegan and completely wonderful. As an added bonus they all smell and look great so perfect for your bathroom #shelfie

Morning! I’m Cat, owner of @2moreheadsstore and I’ll be taking over this amazing feed today. Thank you @scottishmotherscollective for having me 💕

Hello SMC Girl Gang 👋🏻❣️Excited to announce tomorrow's #SMCTakeover is Catherine from @2moreheadsstore! Cat is a mum to two boys aged 5 and 2. After having her youngest she decided to leave her corporate job and start something creative. The high cost of childcare made the decision an easy one for Catherine to make... (we hear ya sista!) Her online store @2moreheadsstore was born, with a plan to bring together a collection of homewares, apparel and cosmetics that not only look beautiful but are sustainable and built to last. The philosophy of her brand is buy better buy less. Catherine is heavily influenced by nature’s elements, zen aesthetic and Scandi-style. Real life isn’t so minimal and calm with full time mumming, working and juggling - currently fuelled by coffee! Tune in tomorrow to catch a snippet of her day in the life - we can't wait gorgeous lady 👏🏻👋🏻

At the SMC we are all about empowering other women. So when we were approached by the @sirensnetball team to support their campaign of #changingthegame to encourage more women and families to back the only national netball team in Scotland - how could we say no! The team works closely with Scottish schools on their Sirens for Success project which helps young children going through difficult times and the team and coaches work directly on a one to one basis to help individuals overcome difficult periods in their lives. We will be attending their first home game at the Emirates Stadium on the 25 Feb and have 2 VIP tickets for their home game and would love you to join us! 🏐🏐🏐 To win just follow the @sirensnetball and comment below with who you would like to bring. Kids welcome 😎 winners will be announced 19 Feb.

Thank you @strong_like_a_mother_fitness for a fabulous takeover 🤗 We wanted to end the day with a serious nod to #vote100 and today which marks 100 years of Women's Suffrage in the UK - Head over to our Facebook page for the ch4 vid which is giving us alllllll the proud emosh voting feels 💪🏼💪🏼

That’s me off now to chill out with the person I couldn’t do this without. But I will leave you with tip no 5.
Going to the gym is great but the whole world is a playground. Try to move as much as you can in as many different ways as you can. Sit on the floor, try to carry your baby on different sides. Get up and walk about for a bit. Crawl through the tunnels at soft play, dance. I will be putting up some mobility exercises on @stronglikeamotherfitness tomorrow if you want to catch any of them there.
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me all day. It would have been a very boring admin day and moving equipment day otherwise. Thank you so much @scottishmotherscollective for letting me take over your Instagram. I hope this has been helpful 😘
#movelikeyourbaby #theworldisaplayground #stronglikeamother #postnatalspecialist #scottishmumsinbusiness #scottishmumsandbabies #mumssupportingmums #womensupportingwomen

4. Build your glutes! I can’t emphasise enough how much having strong glutes will make your life easier! From lifting your children to helping with back pain to protecting your core and pelvic floor. Feel the burn on the butt ladies! Check out my stories for some of my fave Glute exercises! #stronglikeamother #postnatalspecialist #strengthtraining #gluteexercises #Strongbumstrongmum #scottishmumsinbusiness #scottishmumsandbabies #mumssupportingmums #womensupportingwomen

3. Strength train. There are lots of different ways to exercise out there so do what you enjoy but my one recommendation is to strength train. I know it is my thing but I fully believe it is the key to enjoying motherhood without having the aches and pains that may come along with it. Buy a resistance band and get online to look up some exercises you can do with it. Check stories for some ideas. #stronglikeamother #postnatalspecialist #strengthtraining #mumswholift #womenwholift #scottishmumsinbusiness #scottishmumsandbabies #mumssupportingmums #womensupportingwomen

2. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are good to do any exercise after the 6 week check. You just grew and birthed a human you amazing woman💪🏻. Don’t rush into running 🏃‍♀️ , hiit or lifting heavy weights 🏋🏻‍♀️until you have went through rehab, no matter how easy your Labour was. It is worth it I promise. Find a trainer who understands or if that isn’t in your budget dm me and I’ll send you some good resources to help. It is the quickest way to get you back to what you love #stronglikeamother #postnatalspecialist #6weekcheck #dontgobacktowhatyouweredoing #rehabfirst #itsworthit #scottishmumsinbusiness #scottishmumsandbabies #mumssupportingmums #womensupportingwomen

5 tips for getting back to exercise and being healthy as a mum.
1. If you are pregnant or a Mum I would highly recommend seeing a women’s health physio.
If you are a new Mum or are pregnant then they can assess your pelvic floor and give you advice before you return to any exercise.
If you are not quite a new Mum but you have any leaking, pain in your pelvis at any point or any bulging sensations or you have a gap in your tummy muscles then they can help you. 84% of women with incontinence are cured with physio. Leaking is so common but it isn’t normal. So don’t be embarrassed. My rehab exercises above take me 10 mins at most so I fit them in when I am lying on the floor next to the baby trying to get her to sleep.
#stronglikeamother #postnatalspecialist #rehab #womenshealthphysio #pelvicfloordysfunction #diastasisrecti #scottishmumsinbusiness #scottishmumsandbabies #mumssupportingmums #womensupportingwomen

Good morning fellow mummies! 👋🏻 I am lynsey from @strong_like_a_mother_fitness and here are my crazy children. We are in a haze of sleep deprivation and rushing to get out the door... off to do the nursery run and school run and then I’ll check back in! Today I am going to be giving my top 5 tips for exercise as a mum so please stay tuned 💪🏼#stronglikeamother #smctakeover #takeovertuesday #postnatalspecialist #morningroutine #schoolrun

Hello beautiful ladies we hope you had a good Monday/ survived! Ok so introducing tomorrow's SMC Takeover Lynsey from @strong_like_a_mother_fitness 🔝 Lynsey has three adorable sproglets aged 5, 3 and 1 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Having worked in the fitness industry for over a decade Lynsey retrained as a pre and post natal specialist after being left with some post birth injuries and a feeling that there just wasn't enough info or resource for us mamas after birth! Tune in tmrw ladies to hear more 🤳🏻 ☝🏻👊🏻💪🏼

Join us this morning at 1045 as we join Kaye on her @bbcscotland breakfast show and chat about when is the 'right' time to share your pregnancy announcement with your employer! What's your views mamas?

Back to basics mamas 👏🏻 Have a wonderful Monday ✨

Anyone else struggle to switch off at night? We are planning a mindfulness event for later this year and one of the topics will focus on mediation and 'switching off' 💆🏻what else would you like to see covered?

Mmm happy Sunday mummies - peppermint tea and a pastry is the plan this morning because life is about balance 👌🏻

Every day, millions of lives are turned upside down by cancer. This Sunday, Feb 4th, is #WorldCancerDay - We are showing our support for the life-saving work done by @worldwidecancerresearch, who fund research into any cancer type, anywhere in the world. Post your #UpsideDownSelfie and text UPSIDEDOWN to 70004 to donate £5 and lend your support to the #LivesTurnedUpsideDown campaign. It’s a small charity doing big things - your support is vital.

So my University work for tonight is done, my brain is on shut down mode so I’m now going to do some design work for an important meeting I have tomorrow with the incredible @wildandkindstudio to talk all things period positive merch! Hopefully getting the launch date for Ruby Rebellion one step closer! Thanks so much for following me today, I’ve loved seeing all your updates what an incredible bunch of strong, hardworking mamas you are! What an amazing community we have! Happy weekend to everyone who gets one and keep on grafting for all those who don’t, all this hard work will pay off! Oh and remember to stay hydrated! @mama_lou_bones 💜 #mamaloutakeover #rubyrebellion #intersectionalfeminist #endperiodshame #endperiodpoverty #makeupfree #tattooedparents #womxnempowerment #mumblogger #feministblogger #femaleillustrator #maturestudent

Still here! Still working my butt off! Finished working on @ruby.rebellion stuff (will show you on stories) and now I’m helping my office sister from another mister @mermaids_and_monsters launch her NEW AMAZING PRODUCT because when womxn help womxn magic happens! Here is a look at my backpack essentials! I never leave the house without them, who else prefers to write everything down in a notebook instead of using their phone? Just me? #backpackoverhandbag #mumboss #womxnempowerment #yesmum #trigglifemapper #grrlgangart #jomalone #writingnotestomyself #essentials

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