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Scott Harrison  Proud husband to @vikharrison, lucky father of two, follower of Jesus, founder and CEO at charity: water

When you work at a nonprofit, people sometimes tell you that you've inspired them. Or that they admire you.⁣⁣ I get this sometimes, and I normally look down at my feet and say something like ⁣⁣
"I just feel lucky to be able to ____⁣⁣
A. Do this work every day and get clean water to people around the world⁣⁣
B. Work with an amazing team of people at HQ and in the field ⁣⁣
C. Meet inspiring volunteers and donors from the @charitywater community ⁣⁣
I sometimes wonder or fear that those comments might come off as insincere, but of course, they are true. ⁣⁣
Nora reminded me of A,B and C today.⁣⁣
Last year, when she was 6 years old, she mailed $8.15 to the office, with a picture of her, me, and a well in Africa.⁣⁣

Her note said that she wanted people around the world to stop dying from bad water. And she hoped that her money could help. ⁣⁣
Our team knew that she was special, and hoped that her childlike compassion might inspire and challenge others as she’d inspired and challenged us. We asked her family if we could interview Nora - who said yes. She told us about her decision to “keep her money or donate her money” (sound familiar, anyone?) and eventually donated it.⁣⁣
We shared her video (LINK IN PROFILE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT AND ALSO, GRAB A TISSUE) and our team was right. ⁣⁣
She inspired strangers around the world to give more than $103,000 alongside her, most of them giving only $8.15 (and a few adding a zero or two. Today, Nora has now helped bring clean water to over 3,445 people.⁣
Nora visited our NYC HQ this morning for the first time with a couple ZipLoc bags full of money.⁣
⁣ $212.70 from her classmates and teacher. Another $8.15 (Nora). $5.55 (from her brother and sister). $4.44 (from her youngest sister). ⁣

We admire YOU, Nora.

I had an extraordinary meeting today at @charitywater HQ. At the end of our time together, my new friend told me that after he read my book, he wondered whether I still had the @rolex watch I wrote about.

I said no, I lost it one drunken night long before starting charity: water. He said that he had something for me, and then pulled this watch out of his bag. He told me that the purchase had a special meaning for him 10 years ago, but that he’d decided to sell it to a friend for $12,000. And donate the entire $12k to fund a water project to give an entire community clean water in Uganda.

I asked if I could take a picture and share the story of a watch that would help more than 250 people get clean water for the first time in their lives. He said yes.

Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing @vikharrison - the kids and I love you and have so much to learn from you!

The New York Times ran a story today on the front page of the Sunday business section about a new program at @charitywater that we’re calling “The Pool.” It’s an innovative new way for us to keep our 100% model intact and continue to fund overhead costs separately as we scale from 10M people served to 50M and beyond. It’s also a way that allows us to recruit and bonus our amazing team members in an innovative way based on org performance, impact and tenure thanks to contributions of stock in companies like Uber, Wework, Casper, Smarty Pants and a host of others. Special thanks to @ryangraves @mollstar @miguelmckelvey and @neilparikh @heatherhartnett @courtsmarty for being founding members! And @laurenletta for being such a great longtime thought partner and implementer.

@charitywater is hiring. There are 17 open positions on our website right now and we’re looking for passionate professionals with high integrity to join our mission! link in profile.

The first six @charitywater projects were in Northern Uganda and I first visited during a time when the threat of Kony and his troops was visceral. Our very first well was in Bobi, a camp just south of Gulu, where at the time, 31,638 internally displaced people had taken shelter from the increasing violence of the LRA. I'm so proud of my friend @shannonsedg for sharing this important story and teaching us that there's no limit to what we can do—even in the face of unspeakable injustice and impossible odds. Her first book and am absolutely amazing story dropped this week. Amazon link in bio

Amazon’s algorithm has changed the price of thirst about 100 times since launch but it’s currently $12 (limit 4 per customer)... if you haven’t picked it up yet or think a friend would like the book, now’s a great time! Plus, all my author proceeds go straight to @charitywater so an easy way to support our work! #thirstbook

Excited to host my first @reddit @redditama today at 2PM ET. Come ask me anything! Link live in profile after 130 PM EST

Today is World Water Day. Join the amazing Spring community, now made of up generous people from 110+ countries, (link in bio) to help bring everyone on earth clean water.

“Scott, Tekloine has a surprise for you. You need to go in a separate car from the group to find out”

I split off from our group of 35 and asked @mattoliver to join me. We drove for 15 minutes, made a left off the main road, and headed down into a wide and dusty plain.

Daniel, one of the senior guys on our local water programs team asked me what I thought the surprise was. I said I really didn’t know. Maybe Tek wanted to show me one of the wells that @vikharrison and I had personally built in the names of our children? Maybe a new area that needed funding?

Our Land Cruiser descending into a rocky clearing where the temperature seemed 10 degrees hotter than where we’d just come from.

We got out and walked down a path, where a group of about 70 priests, men, women and children were gathered underneath a tree. I spotted a newly completed well, with a carefully constructed stone wall around it. Tek stood in front of it, grinning. He motioned me over to a curtain which hid something behind it in the rock wall. I moved the curtain, revealing the sign:

Debre Brhan Community Dakutu. NSBH. “In memory of the great mom Joan Kleppinger Harrison.” Tek handed me a package wrapped in shiny purple wrapping paper. Inside was a framed photo of mom, with the words “It’s not been easy to accept the death of our beloved mother Joan Kleppinger Harrison, but we feel proud of your son Scott Harrison, being with us strongly working hard to create access to clean and safe drinking water for the rural and needy people of Tigray.” - From REST staff, Tigray, Ethiopia. Tek told me that when my mom died of cancer last June, he asked 1500 of his local staff to contribute 200 birr ($7) and crowdfunded this well in her honor.

Although the generous @charitywater community has funded over 7,000 water projects in the country for 2M people, the well at Debra Berhan is now the most special one for me. A place where I hope to bring my wife, father and kids soon to pay tribute to mom’s lasting memory of kindness and generosity. And I hope somewhere up in heaven, mom can see the plaque next to this life-giving source with her name on it.

Yayesh Hadush is one of the amazing hydrogeologists that works with @charitywater around the world. She’s 35 and has been finding clean water in the ground for the past 8 years in Ethiopia with our local partner REST. We asked her what her favorite part of the job was and she said simply, “the part where the water comes up” - She’s a hero to her people (and to us) and loves her job which ends the needless suffering of women and girls. #internationalwomensday #charitywater

I’ve seen countless wells drilled around the world. Every single time the drillers flush the well and the community knows they will really get clean water, I feel so honored to have played a very small part of the solution. This morning in Ethiopia was no exception.

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