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One of my favorite things I've seen on a bottle of beer -- script "Bomber" type. Cool, random embellishment. @bhbc

Picked up a few essentials at @firestonewalker the other day while visiting from Louisiana. Beer Mecca.

My beautiful wife on our anniversary.

Ah, to be this relaxed...

Just hoping that someone comes to the front door so that she can bark at them.

Waiting for Brian and Brennan to get married...

Somehow, this 5 lb ball of fur makes me smile... Even when she's sleeping. #betterthanmedicine

Deliciously dark.

Pretty sure she's happy to be home and next to all of her toys, finally.

I got my coworker back today!

Zoey, after a block and a half. Guess I need to take her for more walks. She's got no endurance.

Yes, another exceedingly cute picture of our dog.