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Scott Goble  Comp prep coach. Muscle Radio Podcast Host

Check this out live @ifbbproleagueoz in a few hours or on YouTube later today. Questions welcome.

This is @mcmurray.kaz and she kicked some butt at the ICN Melbourne show. As you can see in this picture I have short biceps, adopting this supinated arm position can be problematic depending on the length of the shirt sleeve, you can see that I have selected a shorter sleeve that dissects the belly of the muscle emphasising the peak. Just a little tip for those of you that share my pain. As for Kaz well she is crazy and I don’t mean a little out there, I mean fully undiagnosed mental illness batshit crazy, which is what made her one of my season a coaching highlights. She brought manic intensity, OCD compliance and psychotic intensity, plus she brought me awesome stories at every checkin. I’m not sure if you’re planning to grace the stage again Kaz but it would be an honour to be involved if you do, you’re one of the hardest working most committed and amusing clients I have ever had the pleasure of working with, thank you and well done, you should be very proud of all you accomplished!!! #crazykaz

Check out Muscle Radio for the return appearance of our consistently highest rating guest, the great @andrew_lock_strength If you lift weights you’ll get something from this episode. If you don’t lift weights you will want to join a gym. Available now on Itunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. #strength #worldsgreatestphysio

Dieting side effects. Once when I was deep into a contest prep I was waiting at the bank to see the manager. An old man came in and approached the teller, he became increasingly distressed as they went through his credit card statement. It appeared he was a victim of some fraudulent transactions, he began to weep as his financial issues became apparent to him. He was told to wait next to me for the manager. It was there that he sat, openly crying, blubbering sentences like, “This will ruin me.” “How will I pay the hospital” etc. strangers approached him asking if he was alright while I sat there thinking, “I’ll start crying if this old bastard cuts in front of me, I’m already late for a meal.” Dieting side effects: Loss of empathy. #nofeels

I’m disgusted that in this day and age mainstream media still insists on imposing a gender indentity on a young infant. I would encourage everyone to boycott such drivel if we are to progress as a society and move on from this archaic labelling of individuals with “genders” thus burdening them with stereotypes that cou......wait, never mind apparently it has an X and Y chromosome and a penis, yeah that’s undeniably a boy, carry on. #itsaboy #science

In this episode we give knee jerk reaction Olympia picks based off the recent competitions. We briefly touch on Neil Hill being the worlds worst prep coach unless you’re an Olympia contender. Craig turns the lighting at the Indy Pro into an opportunity to racially vilify Akim Williams and of course we talk about the aussies Josh and Aaron and all their recent success. #ifbbproleague #bodybuilding

If your desire to improve your physique is matched or surpassed by your desire to improve your performance in the gym, to lift heavier, to improve your technique, to endure more pain, then your physical progress is a foregone conclusion. #workharder #chasethepain

The EGG came to my work today apparently with the sole intention of embarrassing me with her poor lifting technique. Horrendous set up with no base of support. Totally disregarding the concept of bringing the resistance closer to her centre of mass for optimal stability. All in all today was a bad day. #disappointedfather

This is @kate_ackland and she is so good she gets 4 pictures in one. Kate is the girl that never cheats on her diet. Kate will get her cardio done no matter what. Kate will relentlessly pursue progression in the off-season. Kate will balance her work and personal life so everything is sustainable. Kate got better at every comp this year from third at the vic qualifier, to finalist at Arnold’s Ohio to a first and second in the Arnold’s Australia. Kate will be back, she won’t make much noise in the lead up, but she will be better than ever because she will accept nothing less. Kate is her competitors worst nightmare. #katesuperstar

It’s time to take a stand. It’s time the cycle of abuse comes to an end. Personal trainers are people too you know @thejessdaly @lucinda_keily @adamgeorge__ @darranpettyfilms #publicserviceannouncement

This is @_jessedavis and I liken her to a female @josh_lenartowicz who I didn’t really need to tag but thought it would be a good idea since he recently hit 200k followers, well done Josh. Jesse came to me late in her prep. Jesse pretty much knew exactly what we were going to do because she has more nutritional qualifications than 95% of comp prep coaches. Jesse lived in a calorie deficit. Jesse did figure but her body screams physique. I used to make Jesse hit double biceps all the time for my entertainment. Jesse is only 21 years old. Jesse doesn’t train arms yet they are epic. Jesse is the future. #physiquequeen #betterdoublebicepthanme

Instagram is a place for the insecure to promote confidence, the unmotivated to inspire others, the negative to preach about positivity, those in debt to flout their wealth and now those of dubious appearance to post their beautiful children and claim their genetics contributed #paternitytest

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