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Scott Berg  Portland tattoo artist working at Sixteenth Street Tattoo. To book an appointment email me at

Mashed up a bunch of Kristin’s travel photos in this one. A little distorted at the top, because of the placement. One day I’ll learn to take a good picture 😅 Thanks for sitting like a champion @elephantmediapdx 💪

Healed kitty with catnip! Wraps quite a bit, but still a fun project! I’d really love to do more animal portraits! Thanks for your trust @tamaranovotney !

Tattooed @youthfountainmusic album art on my friend Cameron a while back. Lines healed, everything else fresh. Stoked on how it turned out! Thanks buddy.

Made this tattoo for Allie based on a tapestry she acquired during her travels. Thanks for looking 👍

RIP Anthony Bourdain 🙏

Did this rad gap filler on Mallory yesterday. More like this please!

Nature isn’t a place you visit on the weekend. It’s a place we all call home. Thanks Jake!

Deep down there is a little devil inside all of us. 😈 thanks @bikefag

Had way to much fun with this hand blaster yesterday, which is the beginning to a large coverup/blackout project. Thanks for your trust @3milymae 🙏🤘

Made this rad tree being a little while back, had lots of fun with this one. Thanks Jamie.

Grim Squeaker. Thanks Elizabeth!

If you don’t know about Cordyceps fungus you are missing out! There are 100’s of species (that we know of) however this specific parasitic species of cordyceps infects tarantulas only, takes over their body and in its last act will move the body into the most ideal condition for the fungus to grow and spread. Although they sound menacing, they have a ton of medicinal purposes ranging from common colds to cancer and have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Fun stuff! Thanks a ton Elliot!

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