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Clouds started to fill the valleys below, as the sun sunk to the horizon, creating a golden atmosphere all around us. I couldn’t have asked for a better first summit. #NC50Peaks #WhyIHike
I appreciate everyone who has reached out with their support and kind words for this project. And a big thank you to my friends at @eddiebauer for supporting me in this journey and believing in the importance of our local landscape here in the northwest. #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor

I recently set foot on the trail to officially kick off my 50 Peaks project (#NC50Peaks). Because this journey will be a challenging one and will take much of the next six months, it was a bit daunting to actually start it! But when the trail led us to the snowy alpine and we looked up at the first peak on the list (Ruth Mountain above), the nerves faded away and I pulled energy from the landscape, as I always have. When all is said and done, this project is all about love for this park and range, the North Cascades (aka the “American Alps”). Although you may have gotten word of the successful summit of the first peak (of 50) on my website or story, stay tuned tomorrow for when I’ll share my favorite photo of the summit here!

I’m excited to announce my next big project: One Year. One Park. 50 Peaks.
The North Cascades National Park turns 50 years old this year. In light of my strong connection and sense of identity with this park, I plan to climb and summit 50 peaks inside the park's boundary, including its ten highest peaks, this year. I invite you all to follow along on this journey, on my website (, link in bio) and at #NC50Peaks. So excited to shine a light on this unique park and local landscape over the next several months!
Pictured: some of my favorite images of NCNP!

Sometimes finding a new place for yourself is all that’s needed to make a day. On this outing we turned a corner to find smooth granite, emerald water, and lush forest – an inviting scene for certain. @djiglobal #spark
Big announcement later this week – please stay tuned!

I was recently sitting along this lake with my family, including my mom who was visiting from my home state of Minnesota, watching the light move across the mountains. Over the years I’ve gained a sense of identity with this local landscape, which makes me all the happier to share it, spreading appreciation. Love this wild nearby.
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With clouds surrounding us, we weren’t sure whether we’d even see the mountain. But then the sun started to set and a window opened up, revealing the snow-capped summit overhead. An extraordinary moment, one in which we felt lucky and at the same time so small.

While proud of my Midwest roots, my move to the West in 2013 opened my eyes to the amazing outdoor terrain we can enjoy right here in the US. Over the years since our move my mind has been blown away as I've discovered for myself the landscapes and mountains that exist right here in our big backyard. As they say: a mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions... I couldn't agree more. #WhyIHike

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What’s your favorite time of day to be outdoors? This is one of mine – the quiet hour before sunrise when the whole world seems still and the light slowly fades in. Even the commotion of the Valley came to a halt as I stood here last week admiring the moon over the valley wall, waiting for sunlight to gently paint the rock top to bottom. Excited to return to this great park and visit its backcountry in a few short weeks! #yosemite

I had never seen more beautiful trees, nor traveled through lighter, deeper snow. This backcountry ski trip to Hokkaido, Japan one year ago resulted in what I’d consider the greatest day of skiing in my life. I’m not sure if I’ll ever top it, but it sure will be fun to try!

Forever in awe at what Nature can create.

The highest peak in my favorite national park in my favorite mountain range on earth. For the last several months I’ve been planning a long-term project – perhaps my most committing undertaking to date – and I can’t wait to announce it to you all very soon, in the coming weeks. I’ve never been more energized by a project, and I know you’ll love it. More to come soon 🤟🏼

Rivers and roads intersect in the Cascade forest empire. By gravel road or rocky trail I love discovering new spots like this in the big backyard we have here in Washington State. Shot with @djiglobal #spark.

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