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Women who rock at whatever they do move our world forward. Keep an eye on @spaceycaseychristian I was blown away when I saw her playing on the street a few years back. Now, she's nominated for best guitarist in Dallas. She effortlessly moves us to a higher level while graciously thanking her fans and appearing to enjoy every minute. (with @theblackcassettes) #dallasobservermusicawards

My sis helping coach Texas State to their first NCAA volleyball tournament win in the history of the University last night.

Our national parks are just spectacular. Backpacking through those epic landscapes with spiritually aligned / inquisitive friends is right at the top of my list of great experiences. #grandcanyon #escalanteroute

Fall on the river - I can't visit this part of Texas for very long without stopping by to say hello to the Guadalup.

A few shots from a recent teaching at our meditation center. If you're in the Dallas area and haven't dropped by yet, I invite you to check it out. The people are super friendly and welcoming. @kmctx

ArtCon charity auction last night -raising money for a good cause. My first auction and second time to show work to public. A great evening. Formal description: "This provocative piece stands for ending the practice of putting those who treat women badly in positions of power. In the foreground, a young Liberty, regal in her duty to sit for a formal portrait, pleas for help as she appears in shock from recent trauma. Behind, a shadowy figure, concealing himself in a judge's robe, attempts to turn out a white light. He glares at us, the only ones that can remove his power and facade. Although tragic at first glance, the artist sees the work as hopeful. It reaffirms that the power for change lies in the viewer. The medium is a Platinum Palladium print on archival rag, a 150 year old process with large tonal range that is estimated to last over 1,000 years. This medium was selected because although the piece references current events, it points to a timeless human struggle." With @rosiesartistry @greciacantuags

Back in Dallas for a few days and picked up some newly processed film. It's a different medium for me with its own pace. [Fall @ikrcgrandcanyon]

It costs about the same to fly the 2,000 mile round trip from Flagstaff to Dallas as it does to drive, but the adventures the road offers are without compare. Today, I met Steve and what's left of his garage after a large truck slid into it. An old timer who doesn't need much, he has a kind spirit and our brief encounter had us both smiling. I often wonder whether a traveling companion would embrace or curse my curiousity, back-road meandering, chatting up strangers and taking an extra day or two to reach a destination. Either way, I'm back in Dallas for the week. Message me if you want to meet for tea and swap stories.

Sunday, early morning journey. My emerging weekly tradition includes a trek to Flag. for a visit to the farmer's market where they're sure to be roasting hatch peppers and offering the freshest of fruits and veggies. Fall is coming to the mountains - long sleeves, warm drinks, Aspen trees teasing us with hints of color soon to explode into October spectacle. Morning fog mixes with smoke from controlled burns reminding us of the warm fireplaces we'll soon huddle around during snow season. Have a wonderful Sunday. #nofilter

Sedona sunset: This is the view during my weekly drive to Sedona. Our center (@ikrcgrandcanyon) hosts a branch course on various issues designed to reduce our suffering and the suffering of others. I invite you to join me if you're ever out this way.

Late afternoon in the mountains. [Mt.Humphreys]

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