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Niala Terrell-Mason  Fangirl. Unitarian Universalist. Feminist. Dreamer.

I hate this book. I think I took it home (from the library) just to keep it out of the collection. I wouldn't want any woman or girl to pick this up. I can't believe it was written by a woman. #comics #geek #girlgeek #nerdygirl

This only cost me $15. The unfiltered blue is a bit teal-y to me but it's officially licensed and $15. I have to thank Kat (@shaktinah) for randomly tagging me on this deal on FB. #captainamerica #marvel #marvelmerch

Um. This is a parking garage...(wtf is in this car park??)

This Chanukah sweater though. πŸ˜‚

#cvs is exclusively selling giant plush narwhals and I want one. They didn't even have prices but I'm sure whatever amount is worth it. I hugged one and it's unbelievably soft. 😍🐬🌊

I told myself I wasn't going to get a new book from library after I turned in the last one. I have *plenty* of school books to read. But then I saw #thegentlemansguidetoviceandvirtue on the new shelf. This is THE hot book of the season we've been waiting for. It's on my #goodreads "I want to read" shelf. I checked and this is the only copy in the whole county system so far. I am *not* waiting in a 6 month queue for this in order to be "responsible" . #ya #queerya #lgbtbooks #bisexuality #bisexualcharacters #mackenzilee

@scrippscollege @scrippsalumnae Sent me this super cute tote bag just for supporting my alma mater! What a nice surprise πŸ˜€

@42randomshoes my beautiful friend (it's our friendversary! 😍) bought me a gorgeous Hufflepuff house cardigan! My first piece of legit HP clothing!

Want to make up bed but can't because 🐱 is asleep on it 😩 #thestruggle #cats #catsofinstagram #cattime #catnap #rude #canyounot #iwanttosittheretoo #tiger #tigerthecat

okay what the actual f*ck??? I went in to therapy at 3pm and it was sunny and hot af...and I come out 1 hr later and it's pouring! The therapist and I heard these loud booms and were like ummm what's that?? I assumed they dialed up the horrible nature sounds they play in the whole building to like 11 and she was like yeah...I don't think so...thunder 😩 now I get to run to my πŸš— in the β˜” am I Storm? Did I do this?? πŸŒžβš‘πŸ™ŠπŸŒ‚β‰

Can we talk about how in this 1970ish issue of #captainamerica (#issue130) #steverogers randomly happens upon a student riot at a college (only Steve, man), doesn't know anything about the issue or whose side to be on--cops or students--so he takes the side of the students. #steverogers #marvel #theheroweneed #stanlee

Only #steverogers would be unlucky enough to have to fight Nazis, robots, and NAZI ROBOTS. On top of having to fight Hydra, AIM, the Red Skull and...gorillas?? I think at that point I'd just hang up my shield. IMO the line is drawn at @$!#&; Nazi robots. #captainamerica #marvel #essentialcaptainamerica

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