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Niala Terrell-Mason  Fangirl. Unitarian Universalist. Feminist. Dreamer.

This is much, much bigger than I expected. Especially for like $8 🍜

My awesome 🌞 πŸ‘’. It was πŸ’— at first sight. #burlingtoncoatfactory #hat #silentlyjudging

My awesome 🌞 πŸ‘’. It was πŸ’— at first sight. #burlingtoncoatfactory #hat #silentlyjudging

When you read old recommendation letters and you're full of feels 😭😭😭
I ran into this professor randomly at a Starbucks years later and told him that not only did I get into Scripps but I graduated from there and we just hugged it out because we were both full of feels 😭😭😭

Found these going through old papers yesterday. When I used to write fic I would choose songs for my characters in order get the tone of their personalities and/or relationships right. I still pick songs I associate with characters. Now I'm wondering if I ever wrote this Harry/Ron fic. I still think these songs fit them. 😁

Why these songs? It was 2004 and every 90s girl filtered her life through Dawson's Creek. I love this soundtrack. Dawson's Creek had the best music.

He just plopped himself over my leg

Hmmm. Are the bananas for dessert? Why is your whole family sharing one bottle of water? Is that where the savings are? πŸ”or πŸ…? πŸ˜₯

You know you're back in #southerncalifornia when the first coffee shop you see in the airport is a #coffeebeanandtealeaf

#modstruggle @xigente looked like this the whole time he was acting as moderator. There was so much foolishness πŸ˜‚

Black Lives of UU #bluu getting the award for UU organization of the year. #uu #unitarianuniversalist #blm #uuaga #uuaga2017

I had to. For only $20 I. Had. To. #captainamerica #fidgetspinner #capswag

Churro ice cream sandwich from #churritoloco -- chocolate ice cream, strawberry and caramel drizzle sauces, cookie crumble and mini M&Ms toppings. Sooo good. #churros

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