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The 3rd Sunday of our #pridemonth series!

Ms. Marie, choir member and communications chair, singing a beautiful rendition of "Somewhere Over the 🌈" in celebration of Pride Month πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‘πŸŒˆπŸŽ€

John Bloom-Ramirez speaking on "Pride, Before the Fall" and why we still need Pride for the 2nd service of our month long series of Pride services.

Rev. Dr. Michael Boblett preaching on "Stonewall and the Future: What the Rainbow Truly Promises" for #pride month. #pridemonth #pride2018 #uupride #openandaffirming

My old fandom "business" card. I need to get some new ones! AIM and MySpace! πŸ˜… people still hand these out at cons, right? πŸ’ *bonus points for recognizing the quote

I'm literally trying to think of a scenario/example of this. What strength of yours is someone else's weakness? I'm patient. Is patience someone's Achilles heel? Or impatience, the inverse? πŸ˜•

Me literally about to leave the house and run errands with two different shoes on πŸ˜‚

Can we talk about this Black minister Meghan chose to give the wedding sermon? He's giving a #BlackSermon and these people are not ready! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚ #RoyalWedding #royalwedding2018

They got a Black choir! Such a beautiful rendition of Stand By Me 😭 #RoyalWedding #royalwedding2018

Did I buy myself πŸŽ‚ for the #royalwedding? Yes. Yes, I did.

Day 6: I have accepted a challenge from Leslie Mooring (@inthreewordsorles ) to post the cover of 7 books I love: no explanation, no review, just the covers. Each time I post a cover, I'll ask a friend to take up the challenge as well.
Today I’m tagging bookworm Abigail (@aclauhs )! #startrek #startrekenterprise #st:ent #enterprise #startrekbooks #andymangels. #MixhaelAMartin #thegoodthatmendo

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