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Olesya Parfenyuk  Schwarzkopfnonne (n.) (engl. black-headed nun) is a small passerine bird. Peaceful, calm. Inquiries ✉️ •

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My recent series is called “A Different Tale of The Fox and The Rabbits“, in collaboration with the amazing Latvian artist Inga Rudzutaka (Etsy Shop: EpicFantasy). Each mask is handmade by Inga, using an old paper mache technique.
I am really grateful for your response to this series so far as I put a lot of energy in it, also made the other animal features myself.
Link in bio.

Today I created my very own wax pathology face afflicted with syphilis at the workshop with ceroplast @eleanorcrooksculpture. It was a dream come true made possible by the amazing team of @morbidanatomy that came to Vienna. Unexpectedly, I even met its creator @joannaebenstein, a talented multidisciplinary artist and simply a beautiful soul! Words can’t describe how utterly happy, lucky and grateful I feel!

Forever one of my favorites.

‘In your eyes, a solitaire.
A vast dream far behind”

Every time amazed of how my muse and best friend @adoortolenasophie can portray emotions..

The famous collection of wax anatomical and obstetric models at the Josephinum Vienna, which I visited yesterday, is the result of a personal initiative of Joseph II. Inspired by the wax models in “La Specola” in Florence, where this image was taken, commissioned by his brother (the Grand Duke of Tuscany and later Emperor Leopold II), Joseph II ordered 1,192 models for the newly-founded academy in Vienna. These were produced in Florence between 1784 and 1788 under the supervision of director Felice Fontana and anatomist Paolo Mascagni and eventually arrived in Vienna after a wearisome journey over the Alps. They were intended to serve on the one hand as visual aids for teaching, but on the other they were, even then, intended for the general public. The majority of the models survived to this day and they are exhibited in six rooms in their original rosewood and Venetian glass display cases.


Model: @adoortolenasophie

‘Distorting mirrors‘

Model: @adoortolenasophie
cape hand beaded by me.

A new series with my multi-faceted muse @adoortolenasophie.
I am excited about starting a portfolio on PhotoVogue (@vogueitalia). I want to bring some new elements into my work but still keep my fascination with (art) history, the bygone eras, the mysterious and the dark visible in my work. I will gladly share the process with you here and hope that you will stick by me through my development. I am actively using Instagram since 2014. Some of you follow me since the beginning and I really do appreciate it! My style might have changed with every year a little bit, but I am glad about it, I am glad to develop. I am glad to improve. And I am thankful that you are here I can share it all with.


Character preparation for an upcoming, bigger project on this topic with my beautiful friend @_valkyrje as a model.

“My walls are cracked
And cold...“

Blouse: @sharingmynostalgia

“The peacock’s cry and iridescent eye,
Some untamed image that the mind might seek
To take it out of winter and restore
The summer wildness that it knew before.”

Model: @_valkyrje

“The Essence of Sophie“

From usually tending more to Victorian era inspired style here is a rather different one.
I am proud to call this extraordinary personality my friend.
Model: @sophiemashraki

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