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I used my Just Teach Library Labels to organize my classroom library. 😍😍😍 My new Woodland Whimsy collection was designed to incorporate all of my existing rainbow colored products. 🎉🎉🎉. #classroomlibrary #readingcenter #booknook #schoolgirlstyle #woodlandwhimsy #carsondellosa

I’m livin’ it up tonight! Music is cranked up and I’m in my element styling a brand new theme for 2019! My SECRET photo shoot is hidden behind those shelves. I have a feeling you’re going to LOVE this one!❤️ #2019 #classroomdecor #schoolgirlstyle #carsondellosa

A rainbow color palette paired with black chalkboard.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜#schoolgirlstyle #carsondellosa #twinkletwinkleyoureastar

This is the view from the back of my classroom. This table is filled with special smelly markers and writing supplies. It’s all ready for lots of fun and creativity! #schoolgirlstyle #woodlandwhimsy #classroomsetup

My @amodernteacher planner! 💕💕💕This baby keeps me SO organized! 💕 #classroomorganization #teacherplanner

Just another view of the back of my room. My hutch holds my favorite picture books and art supplies. I originally planned to put a table on the checkerboard floor, but changed my mind in the end. I decided we needed lots of space at the sink/drinking fountain area instead. Ultimately, I decided that less is more. Keeping large paths and open spaces for effective traffic flow was the focus in my space. #schoolgirlstyle #classroomorganization #classroomsetup

This may be my favorite picture from my Woodland Whimsy photo shoot.❤️. I love everything about and white stripes, my favorite colors (turquoise, pink, green), birch, butterflies, and gingham.😍😍😍 ***BTW, I’ve had so many questions about the tissue paper flowers...I bought them from @lunabazaar in case you are looking for them.😊#woodlandwhimsy #schoolgirlstyle #carsondellosa

We have a new bulletin board set that’s included in the Woodland Whimsy collection - it can also be used on doors! 🎉🎉🎉 #newproduct #woodlandwhimsy #schoolgirlstyle #carsonsellosa

My son calls my basement “The Underground Boutique.”😂😂😂 Have I mentioned that I LOVE decor?!?😜 #myhappyplace #basementboutique

We aren’t allowed to change our countertops, so what do you do when you end up with peeling, chipped, and stained harvest gold countertops? My answer...embrace the ugliness and “Schoolgirl Style” them!🎉🎉🎉 I used my birch border around the edges to hide the chips and peels. I attached the gorgeous chalkboard as a focal point, and added pretty accessories to dress it up and hide the stains. I really don’t mind the harvest gold anymore, in fact, I really love the color with the wood, birch, and black accents! Swipe through to see more pics! #woodlandwhimsy #schoolgirlstyled

It’s been a while since I shared a house picture. ❤️ #homesweethome

I will always remember this day. I was teaching 1st grade at Reid Elementary in Grand Blanc, MI. One of our Special Education teachers stopped by my door and whispered what was happening. She ran from room to room sharing the news to startled teachers. I remember going back into my classroom and trying to act like nothing was happening, but I was in absolute disbelief. At lunch, all of the teachers huddled into the library to watch what was happening on T.V. I remember driving to my parent’s house after school and people were flashing their lights and honking horns, as if this was their way of saying that we were all in this together. If anything positive came out of this horrific event, it was the sense of unity that was felt among everyone in this country. I will never EVER forget that feeling of UNITY. #Repost @pvedesign
“Stand beside her and guide her, land that I love.”🗽🇺🇸
We shall never forget 9/11. May we stand beside one another in a world of peace. #neverforget

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