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Everyday School  We're making wellbeing available to all people with simple exercises, online courses, training programs and local community meetups in your city.

Pontus Ströbaek knows all about that voice in our heads, claiming we're not good enough. Attend to his course "Tala med känsla" and learn how to face your fears and ignore the bullshit. Book your tickets for this coming Monday on our web page, link in bio🎤

We’re announcing a three week contest, where the winner receives two tickets to join the course Making love with Malin Drevstam September 9 th! Just make sure to stay updated and each step will be introduced to you on the way.
Now, first step: Describe your passions with five emojis in the comment field below. Good luck! 💪
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We know you have an inner kid in there, craving to be unleashed from the adulthood it was forced upon.
Let it loose for a while. Where does it wander? Now, that's where you'll find your passion.
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Screw pp:s and flashy keynote presentations, in fact, leave the computer at home next time. What you have in there will only be about 7% of what your audience will remember anyway. The rest is purely emotional; how you make them feel with your facial expressions, body language and presence. We know that a well designed keynote is impressive, but seriously, when you’re talking to humans it’s all about emotions baby.
Learn how to improve your emotional presentation skills with one of sweden's biggest lecture coaches Pontus Ströbaek. Attend to his course ”Tala med Känsla” next monday and book your ticket at our web page. Link in bio🎤

Exited co-founders posing outside of our new office @norrskenfoundation ! A co-working space shared with other social tech startups and we're hoping to create magic together <3 ⠀
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Don’t miss out on August’s courses! Nature quest with Göran Gennvi is coming up and "Tala med känsla" (speak like you mean it) with Pontus Ströbaek. Find out more information on our website, link in bio <3⠀
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Hey brave ones! Ready for next month's theme? Here's a teaser...⠀
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We’re a bit sentimental but ready to say that this month’s theme ”courage” have reached it’s end. Our co-workers Ella, Emma and Per have been sharing their stories of courage which you can still read in our blog. Our teachers @Malindrevstam and @Lemarcthomas shared their view on courage within their fields and we’ve provided some exercises, pop up events and recipes under the hashtag #everydaycourage. This does not mean that we’re done being brave, this is just the beginning. After defining what courage is, it’s time start implementing it in our lives. We encourage you to keep striving for courageousness and share with us by using the hashtag #everydaycourage. And don’t be afraid to contact us, we always appreciate a good chat about life and it’s many subjects <3⠀
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"In all my efforts to be a strong and independent, inspired by role models and superheroes, I had neglected my vulnerability and lost my ability to say I just don’t know". Our collegue and co-founder @perdjonsson shares his thoughts and insights about courage, how asking for help could be the most brave thing to do sometimes. Read the whole text in our blog on our website, link in bio <3⠀
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Thank you @lemarcthomas for today's inspirational quote by Brené Brown <3 #everydaycourage #everydayschool #brenebrown

”My sugar cravings are literally tapped away”. Surprised words from our colleague @everyday_jessica after trying out the tapping method Emotional Freedom Techniques, in order to reduce her cravings for sugar. She met up with certified EFT practitioner Ulrika Bein Fahlander for a treatment, filmed for Everyday’s upcoming Vlog. See the whole episode launched in our Youtube channel in August! Stay tuned…
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"Thanks to our work together, Pontus helped me become a much better speaker” - Navid Modiri, speaker and writer. Book a whole day's workshop of "Tala med känsla" (speak like you mean it) with Pontus Ströbaek in August to improve your communication skills. Link in bio <3 ⠀
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