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jen💜 // 091517  spams pictures of patrick

also pls don't make fun of my english either it's not my first language

ok but if u follow my spam/sc, pls don't make fun of me bc i kinda talk about chester like i knew him, mostly because he was so influential in my life. im really sad though and i feel like i'll never be happy again

"and the shadow of the day/will embrace the world in gray/and the sun, will set for you..."
you're never alone. suicide hotlines:
us: 1-800-273-8255
aus: 13 11 14
uk: 116 123
comment if you'd like me to add a country.

hi i want to die and that's ok

why do people make fun of pete and stuff but then the second you say pete and patrick's names in a sentence without joe and andy, they get triggered

im going on a field trip tomorrow for camp bless up🙏

i love being gay

why do teens make a habit of idolizing pieces of shit

i can't believe it's 2017 and people still like onision

i want death

i hate top

i want the limited mania shirt but my dad doesn't let me buy stuff online and my mom hasn't answered my text yet so rip me

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