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πŸ’œ  spams pictures of patrick started: 4/1/17

everyone on my fucking bus is annoying,,,,,,,,also the kids who tried to break into my house are on my bus so (:

y'all should add my sc (/iceskatingelsa and yes im aware at how cringey it is) for a voice/face reveal and also a storytime of how two kids tried to break into my house and i called the cops (:

stay alive challenge accepted ❀️ (i did a video oops) [ @lullabyehurley @canontricks ]

the dog vid made me cry

thank god my concert is overπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

i have a fucking orchestra concert tonight but it's the last one of the year πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

my heart is out to everyone affected by what happened in manchester. people should be able to come home from concert and talk about it with their friends. it's absolutely disgusting to see what this world has come to. πŸ’”

fellow fob stans: please stop spreading false information to new stans. i saw on the fob tag on tumblr that someone says they don't like them anymore bc another person thinks that when pete dated jeanae, she was underage. this was debunked years ago!!! she was 17-18 when they dated which is the age of consent in illinois!!! where they lived!!! also stop with the 6.3 inches shit bc that's nasty as hell and extremely disrespectful

im such a demon fob stan im dying the ends of my hair purple for mania on saturday

three and a half hours until i can go home :')

my mom is the same age as frank iero

it's 1am and im watching 48 hours pray for me

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