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Abe Schoener  Everything I know, I've learned from Aristotle or Instagram.

The amazing vineyard floor at @matthiasson_wine's Michael Mara vineyard. Chardonnay vines engaged in a titanic struggle to survive against rocks that seem to multiply, in many species, against their roots. The sun is flat and harsh here; the atmosphere bleak and arid. An inhospitable place for fruit; the wines succeed if they somehow embody this struggle within nature.


The glory of Farina.
There is no place like it; no fruit that tastes like this.
It's a kind of lens of energy, or perhaps a kind receptacle. And it has blackberries if you get there early enough.
As Charles says, "avant les raisins."
19 brix. Intense flavor. Nearly complete ripeness. Yet, in this utterly adagio-driven season, more than a week from the peak we can already see and taste.


Dallas Studies.
#latergram from a quiet Sunday.

Dallas studies.
Davis avenue in Oak Cliff.

24 hour ice.

Dallas studies.
#latergram from a wonderful and quiet Sunday.

The study of the sky is interrupted by dear friends who have converged on this Circus Maximus.
They summon me to the epicenter of Texas dining, and in preparation for the inevitable assault of roasted meat and red wine, we choose this treasure from the section of unspecified #aromaticwhites:
And the wine is so strong, so magnificent, that it rearranges the room around itself:
An irregular wash of warm, humid air streams in from an open fireplace flue; dry, frigid HVAC shears fight with it for atmospheric domination, and South African #Chenin (after all, @pascalinelepeltier is not far) triumphs, enveloping our table.

The wine is sand dry, intense; structured in layers, 5 or 6 that unfold in time. Acidity seems important, but it's not a high acid wine; its structure depends on something else, more saline. It's hard to say what it is, but it's in scale with the vast sky, and can look down at the meat that is to come.

Thinking of you @ownrooted, @johnmitchellsom, @immtaylor in three distant cities.


Sudden, dramatic, evanescent.
And then an odd and undistinguished orogeny of human edifices persists.

Rocking the House
As he works

An exploration of the West.

Sunday tasting with friends on the eve of harvest. Super beautiful wines, so aromatic.
I admire #rosé of #Nebbiolo to a high and unexpected degree. Excellent. @idlewildwines @isi_gdvajra have taught me.

Thank you for hosting us so completely, @scott_m1

A journey of discovery to the East. At its acme, we walk Kirschenmann with its steward and our leader, @ownrooted.
We begin harvest a week from Monday. Flavors are so strong all over the East. It's going to be a good start.

No longer #prep
We thought of every one of you. A panoply of super fine things to drink.💥In addition to not bad food, made so much better by the ardent study of our teachers.

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