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A market vendor on the edges of the 2,000-person rally for women's rights at Hermannplatz, Berlin. Been silent as lots of exciting things are in the works for this year, both personally and professionally... 🤞🏻

I'm so proud to share that my story about the high priestess of Bali is featured on the @roadsandkingdoms site! The images are part of my photo story about female spiritual leaders and strong women in Bali, Indonesia. Check it out, and the other wanderlust-inspiring tales from this wonderful travel journal at 🌏🖤

A cloth vendor and her husband, overrun by the enthusiastic marchers rallying for women's rights on March 8th, packs up her stand as evening falls. Just a couple of hours before the square was any other weekday market in Berlin. Behind her now are thousands of supporters, speakers, and musical performers. Another from an ongoing series of non-media-covered moments in this year's protests.

[A break from protests] A beautiful, proud rooster is held in hand before being sacrificed as part of a ground blessing at the opening of a new hotel in Kuta, Bali. Such ceremonies happen at all stages of life in Bali, and often require the spilling of blood to acknowledge the gods.

A bread vendor stretches while on the phone behind the 3,000-person Women's March at Hermannplatz in Berlin. Today thousands of people worldwide came out to march for women's rights in a turbulent 2017.

"Kein Mensch ist iIlegal" and "Refugees Welcome" say two of the banners held by a leftist supporter at a 1000-person anti-AfD counter-demonstration in Berlin. One of the 800 present police officers stands just beyond at the fence, preventing the two volatile crowds from mixing.

Spectators and passers-by, blocked even at the front door of Berlin's main train station by police, watch the right-wing Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) rally happening outside. Saturday's 500-strong demonstration sparked massive police activity and a 1000-person counter-rally from supporters of the left. Part of an ongoing series on the non-media images of protests around the world in this turbulent year.

A protester gives the finger under a rainbow flag at an anti-AfD rally in Berlin. Yesterday 500 fans of the right-wing political party Alternativ für Deutschland gathered in Mitte, triggering massive police activity and a 1000-person counterprotest and march from supporters of the left.

Before my father lost his vision, he made great friends with the local crows, who still caw and call for him when he goes outside to pick up the mail. I recently spent a few weeks in the US continuing to document my parents' story of aging and disability as Asian immigrants in America.

It's good to be back in Berlin. Was habe ich verpasst?

Behind the regular scenes of this year's dynamic protests. In NYC's "Not My President's Day" rally near Central Park, most of the sidelines are taken up by people wrapped up in their own worlds. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 protesters shout anti-Trump chants 5 feet away.

Behind "enemy" lines, a dozen MAGA/Trump supporters hold their own at today's 20,000-person "Not My President" rally in front of Trump Tower in NYC.

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