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Steven Schleuning  Professional Photographer Fisherman Welder Crafter All around hard worker Man of science #HappyUncle SchleuningPhotography on Facebook. Link below.


Late October rainbow, over my house.


Yeah yeah yeah, fuck off. Im gonna get all sap ass here. So look away...... I am so damn lucky to have a woman in my life that lets me be me and who is pretty fudgin awesome herself.
Today we spent the day with her 2 daughters and grandma ,aunt and a few others and a fundraiser. Here @tara.davis.77 squats next to her daughter who just won the haunted house cake.
She was super excited she won it. She won 2 cakes in the "cake walk". Tara and Steven sittin in a tree...... *BLEEP*
Due To The Graphic Nature Of This Comment Instagram Had To Censor It! 😄😄

I didnt take many photos. I was enjoying the moment with everyone.
Me and 4 beautiful ladies.
I had a great time and so did everyone else.
*note to self* take rubber boots next time. Haha it was a tad dirty, damp and wet. But an aweomse time.

If you are ever in eastern iowa, look up The Maquokata Caves.

My girlfriend and her daughter "wrastlin" at a rest stop.
Took my pretty amazing Niece @alee_cat80 and my Gf @tara.davis.77 to a badass cave place.

Cutting down the dead oak.
This wasnt my biggest tree ive ever cut down. But it was a decent enough size.
My 18"bar was by far not big enough. Bit it got the job done.
I was suprised just how much i used the pole saw on this tree. Having the 3 saws that i do, makes life very easy. (Tree was starting to rot and was dead for many years)

#stihl #chainsaw #oak #tree #oaktree

Cutting down a dead oak tree.
I was very nervous on this one. The tree was dead for many years and there were many broken branches stuck in the tree. They were barely hanging on. But i was careful and it all came crashing down exactly where i wanted it to land.

#stihl #chainsaw #tree #oaktree

Took the tiller off for the season. Putting backhoe backon til the snow starts to drop. Then putting a rear blade on.
#johndeere1025r #johndeere #1025r #deere #tiller #garden

Id say thats a pretty wide range of veiw for a compact tractor!

#johndeere #johndeere1025r #1025r #deere #compacttractor

Yeah, it lights up the night!

#johndeere #deere #johndeere1025r #1025r #compacttractor

Its a tool i dont use often. But im glad i have it.
One of my most expensive tools ($725)
But worth every penny if you like to trim up trees.
#chainsaw #stihl #countrylife

The feeling you get when you have to replace another light bulb in your truck.

Just did it not even a year ago.

Awwwwww Fudge Nickels.
#chevy #silverado

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