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Steven Schleuning  Professional Photographer Fisherman Welder Crafter All around hard worker Man of science #HappyUncle SchleuningPhotography on Facebook. Link below.

This was the biggest fish I've ever caught out of my kayak. It is also the biggest dog fish I have ever caught. I caught 3 largemouth bass nothing major just a couple little ones. But then this thing hit my frog, and it just hammered it it fought me for about 5 minutes then I finally got it into some thick grass and it calm down. Luckily I had my net in my kayak with me it wasn't the right size but I made it work. I got the fish up on the kayak try to take the hook out and when I did it started flailing and it jumped back into the river out of the net. So I got it back in the net and I very carefully paddled back into Shore got out of shower out of the boat and then I was able to unhook it. The ruler on the or is 15 inches what you can see so I will let you guesstimate the total length of that dogfish. It was a lot of fun that's for damn sure.

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What an evening of fishing. For 3 hours I got 30 blow ups but no fish would take the hooks. It wasn't until the last 30 minutes of fishing that it was amazing. I caught 3 largemouth bass about 1 to 2 lb each. And then all of a sudden I got the big one. I caught a massive dog fish that put up one hell of a fight that was the biggest fish ever caught in my kayak so far.
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Windy as hell but im out enjoying my evening.
I had a long day at work. So, this is what i needed.

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What a great night of fishing. Caught 9 largemouth bass and one northern pike. Not one of the bass was under 2 pounds 😁 .. i am loving this new fishing spot!
All were caught with a Spro poppin frog.
#bassfishing #kayakfishing #largemouthbass #sunset #mississippiriver #lewsreel #lowrance

Dont mind the creepy weird guy in the kayak.

#bassfishing #kayakfishing #kayak #lurefishing #largemouthbass #mississippiriver

Finally fetting out for the first time to kayak fish for the year.
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Aint this the friggin truth.
I might be sungle the last 4 years. But who cares, i am enjoying my life, my way!
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Im so effin crafty.
Each lure has many great stories. These 2 right here have the most for me.
Putting these 2 retired squarebills on my key ring, will remind me of all those great stories.
#bassfishing #fishinglure #fishingtackle #fishing #crafty #memories

Took forever to land this lil guy.. they are feasting on baitfush week. Heavy lil guy for his size.

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Money may not grow on trees. But, it can on a farm.
Eggs came from my chickens and the green pepper outta the garden.
My breakfast before heading out to go fish .
Alil after 5am and the roosters are up and making their noise.
#breakfast #fishing

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