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Steven Schleuning  Professional Photographer Fisherman Welder Crafter All around hard worker Man of science #HappyUncle SchleuningPhotography on Facebook. Link below.

Noooo, 😔

Whippin the boys into workin men!

Working out with my nephew Joey! 😄

#happyuncle #workout #doyouevenliftbro

Today i took my sister and my neices and nephews on a little surprise roadtrip.
Today would have been our grandfathers birthday. I thought itd be nice to drive the hour to his grave and clean the mildew off his tombstone. Plus, i thought itd be nice to tell the kids alil about their great grandfather.
It was alil rainy. But, the kids enjoyed and said "bye great grandpa" as we were leaving. It was actually very cute.

Babies chillin on the tree stump, before the rains came.
If you look in the background, you will see the rain coming in.

#goatsofinstagram #goat #countrylife

Took my nephew George out for dinner last night. Good times! His new favorite food is clams 🤢


Id say my new fishing tackle bag is alil HUGE!
This one is for, when i wanna take everything with me.
Its definitely not gonna be used everytime.
Just too damn big and heavy.
But my nephew looks so small with it on 🤣

#okuma #fishing #bassfishing #lurefishing #fishinglure

Boys wanted a photo outside right before the downpouring hit. Now helping my nephew with gis reading.

Took my nephew, Joey over to my buddies house and let him drive the tractor and round up the hay bales.
90% of all the driving was done by joey. He definitely was having a lot of fun!
#kubota #hay #farming #tractor #goodtimes

Young bald eagle hung out with me for about 20 mins as i fished. Even 40ft away he just sat there and watched

Cant sleep, so why not modify crappy lures into (hopefully) better lures.
Last photo i thought was funny.

Yes.... im well aware how absurd the brown frog is.
Its hook came from a Lunkerhunt frog.
Made a basic underspin
And put a River2Sea frog hook attachment on.
Definitely an open water lure 🤣

#fishing #bassfishing #lurefishing #fishinglure #largemouthbass #frogfishing

Well its starting too look like an ostrich now.
When done, the body of the Ostrich will hold flower pots and the flowers will hang . Cant wait to see the finished product, with flowers blooming.
#welding #weldart #art #artsyfartsy #ostrich #flowers #flowerpot

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