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Jayson Boyd  Los Angeles born & raised, I've spent my life in entertainment. Writer, Director, Editor, Gamer, and Professional Expert at LAVC

I'm glad that galleries are a thing, now, because I don't know which of these photos of @stacefacemarie I would have picked if I was forced to pick only one. Still annoyed at the lengths I had to go to make sure they all post in full size, though. They should fix that...

Borrowed @night_owl_syndrome 's camera during her shoot with @stacefacemarie to grab a few shots of my own because occasionally I am a photographer. (Though not nearly as often as I would like)

Look at this little dancing #spider its actually a cute little monster

So, how was your weekend? #nofilter #noreception #noclothes

Holy shit lmao #residentevil

We juiced 1/3 of what we had and now we have twice as much as we did before. Thats how fast these #lemons things are growing πŸ‹

Looks at all these fucking #lemons πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹ (a branch snapped and these guys aren't ripe yet, but we are about to juice an equally large number of ripe ones)

This leaf is so small but it still does its best

I've always wanted this book, and now thanks to the firefly cargo crate I don't have to find it myself.

Nice try lmfao

Seriously? #breathofthewild


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