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Kristina Schiano  Session Drummer/YouTuber Brooklyn, NY Newest Video:

Working on my next cover...Hint: It’s a band that I’ve NEVER covered and it’s been HIGHLY requested. Can you guess who it is?😏

thank you.

NEW VIDEO! Disease - Beartooth - Drum Cover ~ Link to the full video is in my bio and InstaStory 🤙🏼 @beartoothband @connordenis @sjcdrums @zildjiancompany @vaterdrumsticks @vratim Mix: @jessekirkbride #zildjiancovers

My phone wasn’t in the mood🤷🏻‍♀️

In case you missed yesterday’s new video, I had a little announcement😏 I ship worldwide so check out my store at BigCartel: @bigcartel

NEW VIDEO! Drumming LIVE with Frank Zummo of Sum 41! Link to the full video is in my bio and InstaStory 🤙🏼 @sjcdrums @zildjiancompany @vaterdrumsticks @frankzummo @vans #loyaltothecrafttour

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve had my family from around the world living at my house. Being with them allowed me to hit the refresh button on life, my music, and where I want to go with my career. A lot has happened during this time and you all will find out soon enough ~ Lessons learned this summer: It’s okay to take a break from work. It’s okay to actually relax and have fun. And most importantly, it’s okay to get spontaneous matching tattoos with your family...I’m going to miss them all so much💜

Abracadabra. 📸: @mhowardvisuals

OUT NOW! Drum Cover Medley Performed LIVE!!! Link to the full video is in my bio and InstaStory🤙🏼 @sjcdrums @zildjiancompany @vaterdrumsticks #LoyalToTheCraftTour #zildjiancovers

CHEESE! 📸: @mhowardvisuals

I’m feelin...23😏 Thanks everyone for all the awesome birthday wishes! Oh man am I OLD! To everyone who came to the show yesterday, you guys absolutely made my night so thank you!!! Some videos and photos are on the way so be on the lookout! #loyaltothecrafttour 📸: @mhowardvisuals

TOMORROW! Swipe to see the info for tomorrow’s FREE show being sponsored by @sjcdrums and @vans. I’ll be opening for and playing a few @sum41 songs with @frankzummo! I’d love to meet ya so don’t miss out!

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