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I haven't existed on social media for quite some time. I've had a house listed for sale for well over a year. The last 2 months have been a flurry of work. I've lost track of the hours @msbarrbelle and I have put in but I know it's over 100 hours each.

Selling this house was a TON of work. Juggling that work was only partially of it though. Coordinating closing between weddings, work trips, the other wedding, the list goes on. The finer points of life have all taken a back seat to focus on this.

I'm so happy to report this house closed today. I'm so glad it's over. There is still work remaining to get our tornado of a house in order but at least sometime soon @msbarrbelle and I should be able to return to normalcy. Which means WAKEBOARDING and LIFTING and BIKING.

Bring on the fun stuff fam. Babe and I are overdue for a break.

#ihatesellingshit #bettertimesahead #getsoldbitch #wontmissit #betterlakelocationhereicome #ridefromthedock #nextlakehouseherewecome #fuckselling

When babe snags that nasty shot of your new mirror visor. Had chest day today. This was taken on the way to the gym. Zero complaints #nofilter

Here's a couple shots of @msbarrbelle and I doing our thing riding doubles. You can see from our faces we're pretty pumped to ride together.

We had a great time up at the cabin celebrating her birthday. She had a cake and a few presents too ;) I also had more fun than I expected doing something dirty but more on that in the next post.

#wakeboarddoubles #doublemanual #wakeboarding

Check out my nephew @weiland.baumgart going upside down for the first time. Dude even landed a tantrum ropeless his first day trying em. Second day he landed another ropeless one and rode it down into the water. Good job dude 🤙

If I could give any advice to younger wakeboarders it actually wouldn't even be about wakeboarding. It would be to focus on your education and get a really good paying career. Wakeboard boats are expensive and lake front property is even worse if you step up to that. Plan early and you can have a setup where you can wakeboard whenever you want!

I decided I wanted wakeboarding in my life when I was 15. Focused on getting good grades and into a good school with a good degree that would get me a good career. Take note of those 4 interdependent things. Grades ➡️School ➡️Degree ➡️Career. It may make sense to actually work backwards and research well paying careers, the degrees necessary to get them, schools well regarded in those degrees, and grades good enough to get into those schools (and then good enough grades to get placed in a career once in that school).
It took a while but I can wakeboard whenever I want now behind a pro level wake boat. If you want something bad enough and work hard enough for it, you can get it. Think ahead and work hard. The desire to wakeboard has fueled my "success". While others view success as money and accomplishments in your career, as long as I make enough to wakeboard, I will always view myself as successful.
#planforthefuture #goodgradesgetgoodwakes #wakenerd #wakealldayurryday #firstinvert #nailedit #futureripper #gotemmm

Starting the week off strong back in the gym. Here's my real back day video. Repping out 385 for sets of 8. Excited to get to chest day and get some work done. Stretching went well today and I need to have more days like that. Got that sweat sheen going on. We'll just call it "glow" instead of "sweating like a pig"😉 Ran out of room on that trap bar. Super thankful Bill at @crunchcolumbia got this bar upon special request. I can't straight bar deadlift anymore after a back injury but I can trap bar deadlift all day long.

#backday #trapbar #deadlifts #fullbar

Got some #nipplegains today. @msbarrbelle derping it up behind the lens again. Posted the full length behind the scenes complete with life #crotchshots and massive #nipplegains let's see what kind of followers I get with these tags 😂😂

Finally headed back to the gym. Last few weeks have been mercilessly busy. Lifting had been on hold. Wakeboarding too. Houses to fix for sale, cars to shop for @msbarrbelle, and an upcoming family trip next weekend. Happy to report the work is done for a while a d very excited to start settling back into a rythm. Summer is in full swing here. Water is as warm as can be. These next 6 weeks are the prime of wakeboarding and I hope we log as many days out there as we can because before you know it summer will be gone. SO to @msbarrbelle for being such a good project helper. Wouldn't be done working on that house yet if it weren't for her.

It's a good thing someone in this relationship takes pictures because I don't 😂 Had a full weekend to do whatever we wanted for the first time in a long time. @msbarrbelle took a beatdown today, I didn't. Just saying. #getonmylevelnerd But seriously she dug her nose after a second wake case and that lake ate her up quick. Ripped her board clean off and everything 😂😂 Gotta say I'm glad to be with someone tough. Wakeboarding isn't the hardest on your body but it isn't the easiest either. Glad @msbarrbelle is tough enough to take the whippers 💪

My #wcw right here folks. While most can already tell @msbarrbelle is strong, fit, and gorgeous from her own page, I wanted to also show how much fun she is. She makes me laugh often and I love that about her. Joy and fun can slowly leak away to leave a relationship not unlike a deflated balloon. Once full and fun left to an empty shell of what it once was. The worst part about slow leaks is they are difficult to perceive if the leak is slow enough and spans enough time. I'm happy to crush all over this woman. Neither her nor I are perfect - by ANY means 😂 However, we understand each other, strive to communicate, and most importantly HAVE FUN together. This is a shot of both of us giggling, about what you ask? It may have something to do with part of @msbarrbelle's salad creeping on her hood 😂

#theycallherthesaladshooter #tossingsaladliterally #literalsaladtosser #saladurrywher
#couplesthatlaughtogether #couplesthatfarttogetherneverpartnotever #weirdesthashtagchallenge

Here's a random shot @msbarrbelle took when I wasn't looking. Throwing a board up on the racks and check out that #armprogress huzzah! Can't wait to get out and ride again. It's been too long but should be getting a set in tonight 🤙

Here's a little progress update on my fitness goals. As some may recall donuts are my favorite cheat food and every Saturday I treat myself to some. Well lately I've been treating myself to a dozen. Yep #fattymcfatterson over here and I will say I was starting to see it show. So the past two weeks I dialed it back to a half dozen and am starting to reel the definition back in. @msbarrbelle and I caught some rays yesterday and finally got some R&R after a week of very hard work fixing up a house I'm selling. I was feeling myself after the new tan glow so I thought I'd post a fitness pic since it's been a while.

Thursdays rendition of my #stupidwakeface I honestly have no clue what was going through my head at this point. Looks like I'm just chilling on a turn around and then
➡️swipe➡️swipe➡️ Caption that #wakeface friends 😫

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