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❤️my 257k ❤️  🍑I sell ~ slime, squishies & more! 🍍Restock 7 days a week ~ Low Prices 🍇Quick Shipping 🍊Link 👇🏼 for my website 😁

I had the pleasure of meeting three amazing young women tonight at my restaurant! Olivia @slimetwix, Julep @whiffleslimes, and Isola @melodyyslimez were so sweet, smart, and I enjoyed meeting them and talking with them so much! This is a perfect example of why I love this slime community the way i do 💘

😂 This slime started to stick like the gold one but not nearly as bad. #slime

This is a temporary post. I dont know why i find this so funny but i think we've all been here before. The struggle is REAL. It still is, I checked. 😂😂😩🤷‍♀️#needsactivator #ohwell #slime #slimefail #oops

Cake Batter Ice Cream in that addictive soft serve texture, slightly fluffy, soft like a cloud but still very stretchy ❤️and scented like vanilla ice cream and birthday cake..YUM 😋

#slime #cake #icecream #softserve #sprinkles #fimo #love #satisfying #votd #follow

I wish you all could smell this slime! If I had to choose which scent was my favorite out of all my slimes this would be #1 😉 This is my new Mango Sorbet and it is amazing! Same texture as Bamboo... crunchy, crispy, and has great stretch!
#slime #mango #slushie #love #follow #votd #satisfying

I've been a busy girl today. So far I made three batches of slime (Cherry Blossom, Mango Sorbet, & Cake Batter Ice Cream), had my eyes examined, a huge tree limb fell in my backyard, and I am about to get ready for work at the pizzeria 😵My two new slimes pictured above are better than I imagined they would be. The Mango Sorbet is the same texture and recipe as Bamboo, comes with a cute acrylic heart charm and smells like fresh mangos and papayas 🤤 The Cake Batter Ice Cream is soft, creamy, stretchy and amazing all because of a little Daiso and Model Magic mixed in. It smells like birthday cake and vanilla ice cream rolled in one! Every cake batter slime will get a small packet of fake sprinkles and cute dessert fimo slices to mix in yourselves 🎂🍨🍰🍦 #slime #mango #icecream #friday #friyay #slushie #softserve #love #follow #appreciate

I saw something like this on @snoopslimes and fell in love with the beauty! 😍

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Who doesnt love Alexis & Ethan from @slimeshadyshop ?? I know I do so when I recently went on one of their lives Ethan was willing to show his cute face if they received one more order and who could resist?? I am so glad I took the bait! Not only did I receive two awesome slimes but everyone on that live got to see Ethan 😍So first Im showing you the Sour watermelon slime which was so glossy and clicky and smelled wonderful! Next was their Simpsons Donut Slime which also had the same great qualities! Honestly these two are so genuine and amazing part of this wonderful slime community! @slimeshadyshop 💗💗 #slime #review #appreciate #friends #satisfying

I think I may have outdone myself because this slime is now my all time favorite. The scent, the texture, the color! 😍 After I fell in love with @unicornhornslime Banana Runts slime I knew i had to make that texture for one of my slimes. Its AMAZING! The scent is like wild island flowers, night blooming jasmine, citrus, bergamot & white cedarwood. Lots of scents and together they make something incredible! Just listed for sale on my website! PS - please enjoy the background sounds of ocean waves and a bulldog snoring. #slime #ocean #softserve #satisfying #love #charm #moon #eclipse

New slime! This one is called Vanilla Tapioca and smells so good. It has the bean bag filler beads in it so its got great texture too. #vanilla #tapioca #slime #crunch #texture #stretch #votd #follow #gain #love

My "Slimes for a Cause" Purple Rain slime sold out and I promised that 4 Paws for Ability would receive $60 when the slimes sold out but I added another $40 and sent them $100! We should all feel good giving them a small helping hand in their mission to specially train service dogs and then match them up with children or veterans in need 💜 Many thanks to you guys who purchased the slime and trusted me to be true to my word. Love you! 💜💜💜 @4pawsforability #slime #purple #charity #donation #love #appreciate #potd

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