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Amanda Heidt  Wander-lusty, food-centric, adventure-seeking marine scientist living a life of Factor-2 fun.

Glad to see so many of my friends and colleagues out supporting scientific progress today! Scientists have often carried a stigma of unapproachability and elitism, but I happen to know dozens who are passionate, curious, hard-working people looking to make a positive difference in the world with their work. I feel that inevitably, truth will win the day, and I'm glad to stand in the #MarchForScience.

#Tbt to that time I stared in a remake of Deliverance where everything was on fire.


I gotta dollar says you'll be my man.

What did your fiancé get you for your anniversary? 😏


"You should show your face more often."

Mixed climbing in the Grampians. 🇦🇺

Thank you everyone (belatedly) for all the birthday well-wishes. 27 was one for the books. Spent a week climbing out in the #Grampians and at #MountArapiles. Did my first proper trad lead and wept like a child, took some whippers, got blood blisters under 8 of my fingertips, made some new friends, and most importantly got to do it all with @benkucenko. We can really do most anything together and I'll be pleased, but it doesn't hurt when the stuff is also really cool.

@benkucenko and I have been climbing non-stop for the last few days, so there aren't any photos of our reunion, but here's me behaving totes innapropes with a kangaroo.

All the best people in the best place! Happy 10th birthday @fireflycoffee! It's been awesome to be a part of the journey since 2010. When I think about Santa Cruz, this is what comes to mind.
Also, Happy Saint Patrick's Day and fond farewell for the next few weeks. I'm catching the red eye to 🇦🇺 for a little...time away from the 🇺🇸.

I make my own hours, so a strike doesn't seem quite as meaningful coming from me, but I definitely stand by the meaning and motivations behind the #InternationalWomensDay strike set for today.
So, let's stand in support of those who would be unabashedly and unapologetically woman, demand what is inherently deserved for all women everywhere, and nipple-cripple those who would stand in our way. 💁🏻
I'll be in class most of today, because my education is one of the biggest sticks I have to wield, and I might as well sharpen it too.
(📸: @mbaba3)

They say you're an amalgam of the five (six) people you're closest to, but I literally don't know why they would say that.

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