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Amanda Heidt  Wander-lusty 🌏, food-centric 🌯, coffee-fueled ☕️, adventure-seeking 🗺, climbing-obsessed 🏞marine scientist 🦀👩🏻‍🔬 🔬living a life of Factor-2 fun.


Sometimes I coordinate!

Had an awesome time at the Ladies of the JMT event last night that my sister @laundrybylindsey organized at her work @adventure16_solanabeach.
It was so fun to be in a room with a bunch of badass ladies that are out there doing amazing things on the trail(s). Also brought me right back to my time on the JMT. It was a pivotal life moment, to be sure. This was 27 days in, about a mile from the end.
It's summer and it's beautiful, I hope everyone is getting out there to climb some mountains (this one is Whitney in August 2014).

@laundrybylindsey and I just casually cooking for 70 people.

Steiner (that jolly green giant back there) and I are headed off on the Great Thesis Sampling Summer Slamboozle (should I nab that hashtag now?), so I won't be around Santa Cruz too much until mid-August.
For all you van-lifers out there, if you're driving the California coast and you see some weird girl in wellies running around with a surveyors stick and a bunch of tubes, that would be me. If I'm being sucked out to sea, please send help. 💁🏻

This is friendship! Pure, unadulterated friendship!

The face I made today when I was sneaking half a muffin out of the administrative front office and I heard a chair squeak.

Technology in the midst of timelessness.

Just like Johnny Flynn said, 'the breath I've taken and the one I must' to go on.

Lunging For Melons (11c) in the Grampians. An apt name for us vertically-challenged individuals.

If you give a 🐭 a 🍪, he'll ask you for a glass of 🥛. If you give three ladies a private hot tub...they're gonna buy enough whiskey from 7-11 to raise some eyebrows and take aggressive selfies.

Apparently it's #WorldOceansDay, and as it so happens I got in a very cold set of dives this morning. Here's to the ultimate source of inspiration, the underlying driver of most everything I do. Stay beautiful and wild.

When @camille_baettig tells you to "just be sexy," so you be sure to get your little kids' Tevas all up in the frame.

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