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Thanks to @ghouleena_ and @retroagogogear this ultra-scary Radioactive Astro Zombie Glow-in-the-Dark Ghoulsville Series 2 Vac-tastic Plastic Horror Decor Mask arrived today! We won it in a promotion at San Diego Comic-Con! Hmmm, now... need to open up some prime wall space in the Monster Cave! See second pic for spooky glow! Eeeyah! -

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#ghoulsville Series 2 is in the house! Just received a huge, scary shipment of @retroagogogear Glow-in-the-Dark Vac-tastic Plastic Ben Cooper-style Horror Mask Wall Decor now available on our website! Nearly two-feet tall in vintage-style boxes and ready for hanging in your monster cave! -

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See complete wraparound spread of cover art at

Coming in late Sept/early Oct! In a spectacular, simian-inspired tribute to the upcoming 50th anniversary of the original Planet of the Apes film, Scary Monsters 106th APE-ocalypse Issue includes "The Apes of Wrath" and "Planet of Primates," which is a look "behind the cages" at the science underlying the film. This pulp-paper APE-idemic also includes Kaiju Korner's review of King Kong's "career" since 1933. And our new column "Collecting Classic Monsters" debuts, joining Strange Days, Dr. Gangrene's Mad Interview, Weird USA and much more as "Primate Change" heats up with this issue!

Comic shops can preorder through Diamond Comics at
Other retailers at:
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See complete wraparound spread of cover art at

William Stout panel at Comic-Con. A favorite artist of ours. Monsters and dinosaurs. Signed his cover on our still available copies of Famous Monsters 251! Hope to do interview.

For first time in many years attending Comic-Con I actually waited in line and scored a wristband that gives us opp to get Mystery Science Theater 3000 autographs including from creator Joel Hodgson!

Picked up these collectible buttons for free at Shout Factory booth 4118 at San Diego Comic-Con.

New little extra found upon checking into San Diego Comic-Con. Enamel superhero pin. Some don't appear to notice it!

Yes we do have Universal Monsters new sealed on VHS. $5 ea, media mail shipping less than $4.

It really does exist! Definitely not easily acquired. Nicely done though.

Ricou Browning, who played the Creature from the Black Lagoon in underwater scenes, displays Scary Monsters Magazine #102 featuring himself, John Agar and Lori Nelson on the cover.

He is joined by Scary Monsters cover artist Scott Jackson (left) and publisher/editor Don Smeraldi at 2017 Monster Bash this past weekend in Mars, PA.

Mr. Browning does a fine job representing all the legendary actors who have passed on and once assumed the role of a Universal Monster on the silver screen over the years.

Monster Bash 2017 in Mars, PA: Velda Von Minx and Mr. Arm of the amazing Trundle Manor self-proclaimed "most unusual tourist trap of oddities in the world" based in Pittsburgh check out Scary Monsters #105 and the Weird USA column highlighting them by Dave Fuentes and David Albaugh of the Terror from Beyond the Daves blog.

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