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Sam Scare and the gang at Scary Monsters magazine want YOU to have a Happy Independence Day!

Heading to Monster Bash this week in Mars, PA, June 22-24! SCARY No. 5 debuts and is now available for preorder at - features films and actors appearing at the Bash (or their relatives are appearing). See films highlighted on cover art, plus many more, scary word search, and modern and vintage comics! Very limited print run.
Second photo is Bash flyer.
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#scarymonsters 109th Corman's Creepy Classics Issue now shipping! Letters to Roger, articles, and interviews. 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. Part 1 of the History of Horror on TV. Personal reflections on Joan Fontaine and The Devil's Own. Dr. Gangrene interviews, Weird USA Kecksburg UFO, Kaiju Korner, and more!
Second photo: first batch of subscriber copies on their way!
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Sigh... #monsterpalooza is over. What a blast we had meeting long-time and new readers of #scarymonstersmagazine . See lots more photos at . While you're there, please like our page! Shout out to all who stopped by our table and said hello!

What do Day the World Ended, It Conquered the World, The Beast with a Million Eyes, The Undead, Not of this Earth, Little Shop of Horrors, The Terror, The Pit and the Pendulum, and so many more films have in common? Director/producer Roger Cormen of course! He's on the right in this photo from Day the World Ended, and he just celebrated his 92nd birthday.
In our summer issue (#109), we will pay tribute to him. If you have a favorite film of his, or if you just want to give your regards to this living legend, please write a letter or note (up to 500 words) for inclusion in our summer issue.
Email to or tweet to @scarymonsmag or mail to Scary Monsters, P.O. Box 567, Wildomar CA 92595.
Don't miss this opportunity to be published in a national magazine. And we're sure Mr. Corman will appreciate it. Deadline is May 1, but don't wait!

Monster Memories #26 invades in early March, highlighting H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds and the radio broadcast and motion pictures that followed. Also, more than 25 writers from the US, UK, and Canada share their memories of the films, theaters, toys, actors, horror hosts, and creatures from their childhood and early adulthood that made them the Monster Kids they are today!

Check out Dr. Gangrene's sneak preview video of this 146-page issue here:

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At #scarymonstersmagazine we're on a roll with Diamond Comics Previews catalog! See three photos!

Our next issue, Monster Memories #26, was a Featured Item and got a full page plus regular slot in the Jan catalog. Now, in the Feb book just out, our spring issue, Scary Monsters #108, is a Spotlight item and earned the Certified Cool status! We're excited ... Monster Memories goes to the printer in two weeks. In the meantime enjoy the Insidious Insects Invade Issue #107!

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Pretty tough to be a life-long fan of the Cleveland Browns (very scary 0-16 in 2017), but I enjoyed seeing Jags beat Pittsburgh in Steelertown! Go Patriots!

Introducing the Scary Monsters Classic Creature Chorale singing "Scary Christmas" (sung to The Christmas Song): Insidious insects roasting on an open fire
Transylvanian fog nipping at your nose
Werewolf howls warning of things very dire
And vampires dressed up like Bela Lugos…
Everybody knows Frankenstein’s Monster and his missing toe
Can help to make a season smell of fright
Tiny bats with their fangs yet to grow
Will find it hard to eat tonight

They know that Sam Scare is on his way
He’s loaded 107 with lots of big bugs the Army couldn’t slay
And every Monster Kid is gonna cry
When they see the Secret Photo was really worth a try

And so we’re offering this scary phrase
To readers everywhere including you know who
Although it’s been written many times on nearly every page
Merry Christmas, we couldn’t do it without you

Merry Christmas, Happy Horrordays and Happy New Scare!

Scary Monsters 107th Insidious Insects Invade Issue is on its way to subscribers! And it should be at most Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Chapters/Indigo (Canada) locations soon, as well as many comic shops and newsstands. As always, copies are available by mail order and online at
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Part 2 of Dr. Gangrene's sneak preview of our #scarymonstersmagazine 107 coming in early January! See what the buzz is all about! Pre-order at

Horror host and Scary Monsters columnist Dr. Gangrene previews our #scarymonstersmagazine 107 coming in early Jan. Now taking pre-orders! Wait at end of video to check out Doc's new little groupie! Bzzzzzzzzz. Part 2 next... #monsterlovers #monstermagazines #monstercollectors #horrormovies #bugs #insects #bmovies #beemovies #1950s #1950smovies #1950sbigbugmovies

Not many young trick or treaters were comfortable getting their treats at #scarymonstersmagazine headquarters from this old hag seen with her bony vulture in these 3 photos! Great night of fun and some scares.

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