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Scarlett De La Torre 🧜🏽‍♀️  🎶Musician/DJ 📿Sound Healer ✈️Traveler 🏄🏾‍♀️Surfer ♓️ Burner ✨Consciousness Explorer 💪🏽Activist 💓Humanitarian 🧚🏾‍♀️ Sonic Alchemist 📍Miami

There’s nothing quite like a lovely pre-gig intravenous drip 😄 vitamin C, B-12 and all the goodies !! thank you @chotimelive and @ximenacho for hosting a beautiful Basel decompression day with @bewell. I’m wearing new collection from @caravanamiami 💗💫🙏🏽

Performed at @artbasel for Ignite in Wynwood. Was such an honour to sing and sound heal with @nachoarimany - the most incredible musician, sound healer, channeler and dear friend. We are so aligned that we turned up wearing matching outfits ! I’m wearing @caravanaland ... loving the new @caravanamiami temple in @miamidesigndistrict
Thank you @chotimelive @ximenacho for having us.

We are @wings.of.isis : A creative collective of humans, musicians, healers and revelers... hear our new DJ mix (link in story highlights: DJ MIXES)
Prayers to Malibu, to the Four Directions, to the Earth and to the Sea. Our mission is to raise the vibration of the planet through sacred frequencies, and to usher in the rise of the Divine Feminine and the balancing with the Divine Masculine. Do you feel the shift ?
Join us in Celebratory and Revelatory communion - book us to DJ! We will be in Tulum the first week of December, Mauritius in January, and around California in the meantime. We would love to co-create a benefit for Malibu survivors and animals so get in touch if you align with this vision to help those who have lost their homes 🙏🏽✨💫 photo by @ellajanepearson

My Malibu 💔😭 in complete shock after what’s happened. This photo was taken one week after I moved to Malibu, the morning after the most incredible ceremony, by my beautiful and talented housemate @suzsomer. We were so excited to have moved into this incredible palace that we intended to call home for a long time. I wanted to connect my feet with the land because I was so ready to complete my 4.5 year gypsy chapter and to grow roots somewhere - and I chose Malibu. My heart belongs to this land. I would often drive up and down PCH thinking how blessed I am to be living here, and got to know my neighbours and surroundings with so much love and appreciation. These mountains have since been ravaged by fire, and we are in complete disbelief for what has happened to this incredible little community. I’m so glad my people are safe, however am so sorry fo the loss of homes, memories, art, altar pieces and sacred medicines of my loved ones. Many of the homes we’ve shared beautiful moments are no longer standing, including the home that Suz and I settled into so happily. Sending my Malibu community so much love and support, praying for a quick regeneration of these trees, plants, animals, and communities. I love you.

Oh Malibu 💔 praying for my tribe. just over a week ago I was with @gabs.warrior.goddess @alchemy_with_alex and Maria at Gabi‘ house giving thanks to the moon and saying prayers for the earth, sending chants of gratitude to the cosmos. This week the neighborhood and the house are gone 😭. Sending so much love to my Malibu tribe and hoping everyone is safe as this region experiences a rebirth. Hug your people today! And pray for the land and animals to replenish soon in our beautiful home 😢

Thank you all who tuned into my fun live sound journey from Venice Beach yesterday ! I had over 200 people tune in from all around the world 😄. It’s so wonderful to share this sound medicine with so many. This was just a test so stay tuned for more offerings... Thank you @creative.bliss and @rach.mairi for booking a private session with me and allowing all these people to join! If you fancy booking me for a private sound journey session please get in touch over DM, I can come to you and raise the vibration of your house, and help to clear and process any blockages through the power of Sonic Alchemy.
I’m off to @chozenretreat today to lead a guided gratitude meditation and sound journey for a wonderful gathering of souls. Back in LA on Monday and available for bookings here and abroad x

Burj-ing so hard right now in #dubai, #habibi 🙌🏽
This is the view from my dancefloor tonight! Always so wonderful to DJ for @vibeseries 🙏🏽💗 and to visit this beautiful and strange oasis in the desert !

Back in the DJ saddle after a year off... and after being inspired by my friend @magikluciano‘s Robot Heart set !! I’m in Dubai and DJing at @electricdreams at @madinatjumeirah tonight !
Also check my stories to hear my new mix with my new project with @antoinettevandewark called @wings.of.isis: A creative movement inspired by the goddess, in alignment with the rise of the divine feminine, on a mission to raise the vibration of the planet through music & celebration 💫✨⭐️ come dance with us, MUSIC HEALS 💗

Laughter is the best medicine because Sound is the best medicine 💗 thank you @sacralsoundsla for this guidance on the path to becoming a certified Sound Healing private practitioner 🙏🏽✨ the healing power of sound is so beautiful and profound !!
Bowls by @sonicbowlalchemy and @crystaltones #soundhealer#soundhealing#crystalbowls#soundalchemy

Sound Healing Practitioner Certification Training with @sacralsoundsla, at #leighmccloskey ‘s cosmic space ship and mystical magical garden of Shiva 🙏🏽✨ Raising the vibration of the earth through sacred frequencies of sound medicine 🌸

Day 1 Sound Healing Private Practitioner Certification training with Helane of @SacralSoundsLA, at Leigh McCloskey’s cosmic abode. Really couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful place to dive deeper into the world of Sound Healing / Sonic Priestess Training. Joined by my sister of many lifetimes @creative.bliss ♥️✨ Looking forward to leading more sound baths including @our_habitas Venice Beach Nov 5!
Check out Helane’s site for voice training, sound baths, and workshops in the LA area 💗🌸✨🙌🏽

All hail the #cosmic #vagina 🙌🏽✨
The most powerful force in the universe. The potent portal of creation and vessel of divine pleasure.
Priestess robes by @caravanaland / @caravanamiami ✨💗💗💗 space ship by #leighmccloskey
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