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Scarlet Snow Belo  • 許紅雪 • 🐣: March 3, 2015 👫: @dochayden and @victoria_belo

We're back in Manila, peoples! There's baha everywhere so Mommy and I are riding a boat.⛈

It was my first time to ride the baby blimp ride and it went aaall the way up higher than the trees! Mommy got scared. Me I didn't get scared because I'm brave.

I'm coming home to Manila soon! I can't wait to see my whole family especially baby Hunter James. Please pray for a safe trip for us. Thank you!

I'm going to be climbing up and I hope to bring all of you with me! I want to be a leader someday like troll Princess Poppy and being a leader means "nobody gets left behind!" Come up with me, ok!

Today at the water park I learned that the easiest way to make new friends is by simply smiling and saying "hi." And if you have a good heart who knows, the friends you meet may become your bestest friends forever.💝

Ten scoops of not pistachio ice cream please!🍨

I think the best thing about having a Daddy and a Mommy who are doctors is that they know what's best for my brain and body now that I am 3. Oh lucky me!"
#ReShapeTheFuture #NanKidPH

Happy Monday, everyone! It's the beginning of the week. Let's make it a wonderful one. Be kind and polite, and make somebody smile!🐻

I have a new best friend in London. Meet Kuya @antonsd. He's so much fun. He plays hide & seek with me, colors and draws with me, and he lends me his iPad when I'm bored. See? We toddlers are easy!

Daddy and I had a date today and we went to the park to spy on squirrels, feed baby ducks, and wish on fluffy dandelion heads. I wished my heart will always have love as big as the universe so I can love many many people and make them happy.

I think I got my cheeks from Mommy. Do you agree?🐿

This is where I want study to become a medical doctor like Daddy and Mommy, and hopefully become the General Secretary of the United Nations of the World after that so I can spread happiness and world peace!🐰 #DreamChaser

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