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📷 @juupho
💦 During this extremely hot and dry summer, the thought of Finland has been a relief. 💦 Water is everywhere in Finland, and according to Unicef, it is the purest in the world. Lakes, ponds, rivers, islands and coastal areas form approx. 314 604 kilometres of unique waterlines.
✨✨✨ Photo by @juupho ✨✨✨

📷 @@pelle.faust
⚽️ Eidi Stadium is spectacularly located, just a few meters from the Atlantic Ocean.
⚽️ The Faroese football players are as impressive as their fields. In their first competitive international fixture in 1990 the Faroe Islands defeated Austria – one of European football’s most historically powerful nations. The game had to be played in Sweden as there were no grass pitches in the Faroe Islands at the time.
⚽️ Today the Faroe Islands have more than 20 stadiums. Eidi Stadium, on the island Eysturoy, has only a small amount of standing room for fans. Balls often fly directly into the sea.
⚽️ Eysturoy is the second-largest of the Faroe Islands, both in size (286 km2) and population (11,000).
✨✨✨ Photo by @pelle.faust ✨✨✨

📷 @sebastianeppler
💙 Only the church tower of the Sand-Covered Church is visible. And so it has been for more than a hundred years.
💙 The church was built in the 14th century in a small village, close to the town Skagen in Northern Denmark.
💙 Around year 1600 the sand started to blow towards the church from nearby dunes.
💙 From 1775 and during the next 20 years the entrance had to be dug out before each service.
💙 In 1795 the church was abandoned. The main parts of the church, as well as the remains of the small village, is now buried deep in the sand.
✨✨✨ Photo by @sebastianeppler ✨✨✨

📷 @thijs.terbeek
💚 Kirkjufell, the most photographed mountain in Iceland. You can walk around it, or climb to the top. A treasure of fossilised birds and fishes await you up there.
✨✨✨ Photo by @thijs.terbeek ✨✨✨

✨ Photo by @eirikbjo
♠️ Bergen has steep, cobbled streets lined with immaculate old clapboard and terracotta-roofed houses. Something to explore!
♠️ Founded in 1070 by the Norwegian king Olaf Kyrre, Bergen soon became the largest city of medieval Norway. In the 1830’s Bergen was surpassed by the rapidly growing capital Oslo.
♠️ Today, Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city with 278,000 inhabitants.
✨✨✨ Photo by @eirikbjo ✨✨✨

📷 @annanordgren
❤️ A last glimpse of winter in Stockholm, catched in Södermalm.
❤️ Södermalm (Söder), once a working class district in Stockholm, is now known as a district of bohemian, alternative culture. The apartments and houses are hugely popular and thus expensive.
❤️ Many of the old wooden houses in Söder are from the 18th century. The district was first mentioned by name in the 13th century.
✨✨✨ Photo by @annanordgren ✨✨✨

📷 @lhackett
💙 These to sea stacks are among the natural wonders of the Faroe Islands. They are called Drangarnir and are located between the islet Tindhólmur and the island Vágar.
💙 To enjoy this view, you will have to walk for two hours from Sørvágur along the coast.
✨✨✨ Photo by @lhackett ✨✨✨

📷 @astridkbh
💙 It is never too cold for a sightseeing on the canals in Copenhagen.
💙 In the middle of March temperatures are still freezing in most of Scandinavia, with -2 in Copenhagen this morning.
✨✨✨ Photo by @astridkbh ✨✨✨

📷 @andreaswolden
🌊 If you want to learn something new this year, why not surfing?
🌊 Unstad in Lofoten is among the most famous surf spots in Norway. Here local instructors teach you to surf in «one easy lesson», according to their course information. The step-by-step-progressive method assures you’ll be riding waves on your own in no time, they say.
🌊 The photo shows Mick Fanning, the Australian surfer who has won the ASP World Tour three times, playing in the waves in Unstad, Lofoten.
✨✨✨ Photo by @andreaswolden ✨✨✨

📷 @sha_leihs
💙 The Danish winter has been unusually cold, according to The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.
💙 She is made of bronze, was unveiled in 1913 and sits on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade.
✨✨✨ Photo by @sha_leihs ✨✨✨

📷 @eirikbjo
❤️ Bryggen - the old quay in Bergen - was built after the great fire in 1702 and is included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.
❤️ Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway with 280. O00 inhabitants.
✨✨✨ Photo by @eirikbjo ✨✨✨

📷 @photosbylinda
💙 These stones are placed by the sea in Visby, Gotland.
💙 Gotland, 90 km from the mainland in Southern Sweden, is a peaceful island out of season, in contrast to the bustling summer life.
💙 If you want to visit some of the beaches on Gotland, winter or summer, this is four favorites:
1) Ireviken: North-west on the island. Sand and stone. Sunset view.
2) Smöjen: North-east. A special beach with linestone quarries just by the sea.
3) Sandviken: At Gotland’s East side, with waves that attract surfers, by the fishing village Sysne.
4) Hideviken: Shallow waters, family friendly, on the North-east side. A blues festival is arranged here in summer.
✨✨✨ Photo by @photosbylinda ✨✨✨

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