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Journalist+travel instagrammer  🔹Planning a trip to Scandinavia? Discover the best places in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands. 🔹Tag #scandinaviantravels

📷 @lhackett
💙 These to sea stacks are among the natural wonders of the Faroe Islands. They are called Drangarnir and are located between the islet Tindhólmur and the island Vágar.
💙 To enjoy this view, you will have to walk for two hours from Sørvágur along the coast.
✨✨✨ Photo by @lhackett ✨✨✨

📷 @astridkbh
💙 It is never too cold for a sightseeing on the canals in Copenhagen.
💙 In the middle of March temperatures are still freezing in most of Scandinavia, with -2 in Copenhagen this morning.
✨✨✨ Photo by @astridkbh ✨✨✨

📷 @andreaswolden
🌊 If you want to learn something new this year, why not surfing?
🌊 Unstad in Lofoten is among the most famous surf spots in Norway. Here local instructors teach you to surf in «one easy lesson», according to their course information. The step-by-step-progressive method assures you’ll be riding waves on your own in no time, they say.
🌊 The photo shows Mick Fanning, the Australian surfer who has won the ASP World Tour three times, playing in the waves in Unstad, Lofoten.
✨✨✨ Photo by @andreaswolden ✨✨✨

📷 @sha_leihs
💙 The Danish winter has been unusually cold, according to The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.
💙 She is made of bronze, was unveiled in 1913 and sits on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade.
✨✨✨ Photo by @sha_leihs ✨✨✨

📷 @eirikbjo
❤️ Bryggen - the old quay in Bergen - was built after the great fire in 1702 and is included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.
❤️ Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway with 280. O00 inhabitants.
✨✨✨ Photo by @eirikbjo ✨✨✨

📷 @photosbylinda
💙 These stones are placed by the sea in Visby, Gotland.
💙 Gotland, 90 km from the mainland in Southern Sweden, is a peaceful island out of season, in contrast to the bustling summer life.
💙 If you want to visit some of the beaches on Gotland, winter or summer, this is four favorites:
1) Ireviken: North-west on the island. Sand and stone. Sunset view.
2) Smöjen: North-east. A special beach with linestone quarries just by the sea.
3) Sandviken: At Gotland’s East side, with waves that attract surfers, by the fishing village Sysne.
4) Hideviken: Shallow waters, family friendly, on the North-east side. A blues festival is arranged here in summer.
✨✨✨ Photo by @photosbylinda ✨✨✨

📷 @patheight
✨ This famous orange lighthouse is located on Hópsnes, close to the fishing village Grindavík in Southwest Iceland.
✨ The landscape in this area was formed by a lava eruption only 2800 years ago.
✨The spit where the Hópsnes lighthouse was built in 1928, has witnessed many shipwrecks. Some of the wrecks can still be seen on the beach.
✨✨✨ Photo by @patheight ✨✨✨

📷 @rannvajoensen
💙 The Faroe Islands have many wonderful air bnb’s. This is one of them, says photographer Rannvá.
💙 The lovely house in the middle of wild nature is located on Suðuroy, which translates to South Island. This is the southernmost of the Faroe Islands. 4,607 people live on the island.
💙 The ferry MS Smyril operates the route between the capital Tórshavn and Krambatangi on Suðuroy. The trip takes two hours.
✨✨✨ Photo by @rannvajoensen ✨✨✨

📷 @dennisskyum
❤️ This popular motive from Nyhavn in Copenhagen is beautiful all year.
❤️ Nyhavn (= The New Harbour) was established in the late 17th century. The oldest house dates from 1681.
❤️ For many years the harbour was notorius for beer, sailors, fights, and prostitution. But some prominent people visited as well, notably King Frederik 9 (1899-1972). He got his secret tattoos here, seen only on the King’s private photos.
✨✨✨ Photo by @dennisskyum ✨✨✨

📷 @runpede
💙 Stunning nature in Skånland, a municipality close to the city Harstad in Northern Norway.
💙Skånland is surronded by three beautiful fjords: Tjeldsundet in southeast direction, Vågsfjorden in northwest, and Astafjord in the north.
✨✨✨ Photo by @runpede ✨✨✨

📷 @virpula
💙 Today we celebrate the Sámi National Day, February 6., with a pink full moon over Lapland, Finland.
💙 On February 6, 1917, the first Sámi congress was held in Trondheim, Norway.
💙 The Sámi people (a total of 50.000-80.000 persons) live in Russia (1770), Finland (7000), Sweden (17.000) and Norway (40.000)
✨✨✨ Photo by @virpula ✨✨✨

📷 @thomaskast1
💚 If you take the train to the end station in Finland, you get to Kolari in the north, 1067 kilometer from Helsinki.
💚 In Kolari you can enjoy the northern lights, watch Sweden on the other side of the border river Muoni, and visit the ski resort Ylläs by the mountain Yllästunturi (718 m.a.s.l.)
✨✨✨ Photo by @thomaskast1 ✨✨✨

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