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SCANDINAVIANDREAMGURL  unapologetic femme 💘 if u r provoked by me, u probably need me in ur life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ writer, speaker, activist creator of THE FACE OF A SURVIVOR 📍Lnd🇬🇧

remember you can get 20% off @moonsandjunesofficial w the code SCANDINAVIANDREAMGURL20 until tomorrow 🌙✨ link to their shop is in my bio. all pics by the queen @alonavibe #noretouching

loves I’m stoked to share a gift with you all! you can get 20% off @moonsandjunesofficial using the code SCANDINAVIANDREAMGURL20 from now on until Sunday midnight ✨ I have put the link to their shop in my bio 🌙 I’m wearing L in top & bottom (im usually a 34E/F in bra and 12UK in bottom)

as you know (lol maybe you don’t) but I have never worked with a brand online before & have never earned a dime on my IG - long story short, I am not a fan of sponsored posts and ads and won’t promote useless shit that only contributes to more pollution and makes capitalism jerk off even more. & also brands tend to love that I’m a naked hoe but can’t really comprehend that the naked hoe also have a voice and won’t shut up about rape culture: essentially they want the body but not the voice and the experiences that comes w the body - no thank you. anyway, @moonsandjunesofficial is beautiful company who makes dreaaaamyyyy lingerie, it’s ethically produced and is an all women owned business - and they want to be resonated w strong women using their voices. ive been a fan of their lingerie for a long time now & was stoked to be a part of their campaign earlier this year. the lingerie is both supportive, comfy and sexy af & without bullshit like wires & padding. honestly, I’d rather have you support these ladies and get yourself a quality set of lingerie instead of supporting victoria secret or h&m ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #noretouching #lingerie #moonsandjunes

remember you can see all my projects, events, publications & press on WWW.SCANDINAVIANDREAMGURL.COM
👆🏽this one is an open letter to other rape survivors, where I also share my story. it’s from last year & I’m still super proud ✨ @gurlstalk #rapeculture #rapesurvivor

serving attitude w @elizahatch the creator of @cheerupluv 🏃‍♀️ the project is an ongoing photojournalism project, which documents women who have experienced sexual harassment on any scale in a public setting. @cheerupluv has gone viral worldwide and this gurl has worked w big ballers like @bbc & @gurlstalk, have been featured in @i_d, @guardian etc AND IS DOING HER FIRST TED TALK next week. I’m amazed and grateful that I get to link up with activists like @elizahatch. this is a in between shot, can’t wait to share the final pics taken w 35mm film 📸 & share one of my many stories of sexual harassment w you ✨ #CheerUpLuv #streetharassment #sexualharassment

cheers to being a carefree bitch since 95 🥂

@50cent blocked me bc I called him out for promoting men’s violence against women & rape culture. I’m living my best life. just 👏🏽 getting 👏🏽 started 👏🏽 #callcelebritiesout

boys: wow you changed your style
me: no you’ve just never seen me with clothes on

*and people in power
*and people in your everyday life
*and people in your family
*and people you love

🎥 filmed a little boob diary w @laraintimates today on my activism, my relationship to my body before/after being sexually assaulted & my first experience with buying a bra (lol it actually didn’t happen, I got nauseous when I found out that they PADDED ALL A CUP BRAS & basically just left the store w my mom crying loool). it was such a pleasant day, all female crew, well fitting lingerie, badass filmmakers & perfect makeup 💅🏽.
makeup & hair by @daniottmann
pic by @leimru
lingerie by @laraintimates

I’m even cute
when I’m getting ready
to be cute 💅🏽👄

repeat after me 📢
in heteronormative sexual acts, there’s an extreme emphasis on PENETRATION and often the entire sexual act not only centers around penetration but solely consists of it! kind of weird when we know most ppl w vajajays only can achieve orgasms with clit stimulus 🤔 & weird that heteronormative sex in general centers so freaking much around dick & pussy when we could use our whole bodies as playgrounds. I think it’s sick that I’ve been spending most of my teenage life and early adulthood UNLEARNING what sex is instead of EXPLORING what sex could be to begin with #sexpositive #sexcritical

🌸 normalize my pussy blood,
pussy hair,
pussy juice,
pussy smell

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