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SCANDINAVIANDREAMGURL  ⚑ g i r l s ⚑ creator of THE FACE OF A SURVIVOR feminist activist 🌹 I make art as well @dreamgurlart πŸ“ Aarhus, Denmark

after you make the fourth instagram post in one day #bye

*waiting for a hot guy to buy me pizza*

remember to water your plants & dont be a racist, sexist pig

men are trash (when you try to get the percentage of male followers down. (btw @instagram why haven't you gotten a non binary option yet, come oooooon))

i am happy bc i have so many beautiful projects in store for you 🌟 i am making the world a safer place for girls & women to live in, one day at a time & it's fucking paying off!!!!!!! i wont say it wouldn't have been possible without you following, bc ofc it would - but I am still happy you do follow πŸ™ƒ lol unfollow if you can't stand that i am not here to suck your balls. a big following is nice but not life
πŸ“Έ: @bukikoshoni

πŸ” & lingerie πŸ’™
thank you for the lovely gift @elomilingerie πŸŒ™


thank your for everyone who came to the launch of "the face of a survivor".
thank you @fannypropp.world for the pics, thank you @birnaschram for sweet tunes, thank you @xjoannamx for creating this piece w me, thank you Zen for giving us your perspective on rape culture, THANK YOU AUDIENCE FOR ASKING GOOD QUESTIONS AND BEING PRESENT, but mostly: thank you beautiful, strong, brave ladies who participated in this project.

many ppl see me as a strong leader for survivors, but the truth is that what these ladies have shown of bravery leaves me sobbing, in awe, beyond grateful - and to be honest w you (& I put a lot of stuff & vulnerability out in this world) I am not sure if I could have done what they did. these ladies are gonna lead & help many survivors, THEY are true leaders. thank you Anastassia, Neena & Liv!!!!πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ’–πŸ’–

#TheFaceOfaSurvivor #Activism #Activist #ms #feminism #leadership @mellemfolkeligtsamvirke

thank you everybody who came for the launch of "The Face Of A Survivor" this wednesday πŸ’– it meant the world to me. more pictures will be up πŸ”œ

thank you @mellemfolkeligtsamvirke for letting my use your venue. & s/o to my partner in crime @xjoannamx for helping me creating such a beautiful piece, haha baby gurl look I carry you everywhere and make sure you get credited 😝

love love love from me. the campaign videos will be online any day now 🌟

you say that I am reducing myself to an object when I post pictures of my beautiful body without showing my face.
but you have known me for a long time now and you have no problem reducing me to an object monday morning right to my face.
as soon as you get just a little bit drunk, your words become violent.
when I react and let you know how disrespectful and toxic you are, your actions becomes violent too. you feel powerless. violence. the only way you know how to manifest your masculinity, regain power. but to me you are a sad, hurting guy.

I am everything you ever wanted to be, get a taste of. smart, strong, funny, passionate, lively, warm, critical. I am the embodiment of femininity. but I also talk the language of the system. I see through you. before you do anything, I already know what you are about to do and why. that provokes you.

I am everything you have learned to hate, to disrespect. I am intimidating you. you would love to see me insecure, afraid, in your shadow.
but I am light and light will never be in the shadows.
accept it

yes!!!!πŸ€ social change must come from the people. how do you change ones mindset or open the eyes of another human being just a little bit more? put people in the center and let them connect to the issue somehow. let them own it, see it, feel it. and then let them know how important they are, how much one can do and is capable of. @rethinkactivism #rethinkactivism #activist #workshop #feminist #rapeculture #rape #leadership #empower #feminism

this friday I learned how to make loud sounds with this instrument (& facilitated my first workshop about rape culture at @rethinkactivism. i was so surprised to welcome 55 young people where half of them were young men!!!! thank you for everyone who came thruuu I had so much fun & I am so proud of the space we created togetherπŸ’˜πŸŽ‰)

It's tonight, come thruuu πŸŽ‰ link is in bio. @mellemfolkeligtsamvirke #TheFaceOfaSurvivor

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