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Emmett J. Scanlan  A father. In that order

When you have a little girl you are expected to do things that only she wants. You are expected to down tools the manhood, to sacrifice the ego and make pretty... if she wants to paint your nails, you let her paint your nails, if she wants to dance to 1D with you, you better start limbering up... I wish I could say this was one of those times. fact is, I'm starting to enjoy this shit..... in the words of Ozzy Osbourne, I'm going through changes

The shoulder dance is back... #2017 #LondonBaby #WoodCocks40th

Dance off in London... BLACK BELT!! My work here is done...

‪In other new, I shall sleep soundly knowing years from now I'll look like the rosacea love child of Patrick Bergin & Sean Penn.

Dad & son, United again!!!! Much needed tonic..

Daddy's girl has me wrapped around her baby finger and I don't care.. Any boys come a looking and they'll find themselves wrapped round my car bonnet... I'm kidding.. I'm way to easy-going to care bout that stuff.... and by easy going I mean, I WILL END THEM!!!! I'm kidding... but seriously, are statuses open to libel in a court of law????

Proper men drink tiny cocktails..... A ridiculously good wkd back in Ireland rounded off with one of my favourite people @patrickmoynan at Vintage Cocktail Club before racing off to the airport to watch United get their arses handed to them by Arsenal... twice...... and that my friends is called karma for wearing sunglasses indoors..... dick.


It honestly doesn't matter what or who you believe in, whether it's yourself, something bigger or nothing at all, these books don't preach they teach, a way. The possibilities of a new way, a different way added to our present way.......they are each of them a mind fuck. Utterly thought provoking. Hugely entertaining. If I could buy a copy for everyone I would but I can't. So do it yourself....... much love and respect

It's a privilege to be in film, it's an even greater privilege to shoot on film.. myself and the fantastic @ryan_the_ryan shot this old school bad boy in the molten lava temperatures of the Mojave desert and I'm very proud that it premiers in Newport Beach Film Festival tonight in by beloved Cali. Go see it if for no other reason than @eoincmacken will be there smelling like sunshine and whiskey. #TheGreenRabbitAndTheIceCreamGirl @newportbeachfilmfest

From Manhasett staying with gorgeous new friends and old alike, to hotel Marmara. NYC continues to sear memories into our banks that no amount of therapy will get rid of.... it continues to tattoo itself into our big apple hearts and we fucking love her for it.... The beast that never sleeps... Special thanks to Victor in picture, James & Ruchie at Hotel Marmara for taking great care of us... #LondonsCalling @marmaranyc @claire_e_cooper @stephenuppal @charlsabrina @jenuppal

That moment when you remember you were killed in #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Vol 1 @jamesgunn

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