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Emmett J. Scanlan  A father. In that order


Working hard in make up getting made up by my man @davyjonessfx @redproductionco @netflix @harlancoben #Safe

To be the meat in this Micheal C. Hall, Amanda Abbington sandwich is brilliant. But to be the bread for these two is even better. Trust me. Not a day goes by that these guys can’t wait to work with me. Sometimes when I’m standing outside their trailer doors listening in I hear them talking to eachother “is Emmett in today?” “What time is he in at?” “we’re working with this guy again???” “Seriously???” I’m even gonna set up a watsapp group for us after we wrap and call it BEST FRIENDS FOREVER #Safe @netflix @redproductionco @harlancoben @amanda_abbington74

I know what you’re all thinking. “Emmett you’re too young to have kids this old.” And you’re right. If anything this looks like a picture of 3 mates. Hanging out together in a park. But it’s not. It’s really not. Louis & India selfishly & effortlessly steal every scene I’m in; and are a constant reminder that I am and have been for some time “Dad Old”. I guess my real daughter is a reminder of that too...#Safe @netflix @redproductionco @harlancoben #MakingTVOld I mean gold. Making TV Gold... God Damn It!!!!

Today I laid to rest the red and donned the yellow. A surprise Xmas grading both sweated and earned. Thanks to my brother, my sensei @antony_pendlebury... not sure being smashed repeatedly in the stomach was meant to be part of the process, but it was certainly part of his and fuck me if I didn’t see a little glint in his eyes too...OSU!! #Hasha #Shotokan #Family @myokinetics

My somewhat charming friend @radiostephen wrote a book. Then he sent me the book. I’m hoping if I post about the book I won’t have to read the book. Go buy his book. #book

Yesterday in Grosvenor Square London with Lisbon’s own Marta Hipólito. According to this lovely lady she prefers to shoot older faces with wrinkles, not beauty. No offence taken, just photos...

Throw back to a moment. The talented beauty of @missdouglas88 on Lapwing wrapping her very last scene; sandwiched between our stunning & probably drunk director Philip Stevens & definitely drunk & evidentially “happy” Me......no idea who that muppet is in the background.... #Family #Lapwing #MakingMovies

Last year @nathalieemmanuel & punching above his weight @lanipekun bought myself and @claire_e_cooper this beautiful paper light for our 1 year paper anniversary while all of us vacated in Berlin. This New Years, the company is the same, the setting somewhat different... Being the sublime friend that I am and wanting to give them as much advance notice as I could, I texted Alex that the 2nd anniversary is the diamond one. After looking it up on his phone he discovered it was in fact cotton. They’re now getting us bedsheets... Fuck you google

Fighting Irish with champ & sensei @antony_pendlebury at my sweat box at @myokinetics... Every time pushing harder.... #Believe

Stranger Things on Netflix. One flat faced cat. One tub of ridiculously good VEGAN @benandjerrys chocolate fudge brownie.... Happy #WorldVeganDay ye beauties... #TheUpsideDown #BetterChoices #strangerthings #netflix

In order to be better, surround yourself with people better than yourself. ‘Twas an honour to share the mats and spar with these artists.... aspiring to touch the sky but right now I’ll just settle for a fucking ice bath...thanks to my man Jamie Moss for the use of his place. Utmost love & respect to @antony_pendlebury and the @myokinetics team....

Ended up at a party hosted by The Shining Twins & pulling the Cosmos @claire_e_cooper & a mermaid @lucyrob... completely normal sentence....#Halloween

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