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#22r swap?🤔 Some cool things happening with the @rc4wd Desert Runner and @gcmracing parts.

Thanks to #scalebuildersguild member, @bonards29 for fooling us with his @mfabstudio #4runner build. 😂

We guess that’s pretty big... cool MAN 8x8 for the Military Build Off by #scalebuildersguild member, Dave Holio.

@turksandjerps entered a @jeep in the Military Build-Off. He must not be feeling well.

Chevy-inspired #3dprinted hub caps for your vintage build now available in our @shapeways store! Link in bio! #dogdish

A floating amphibious #landrover OTAL from #scalebuildersguild member Dave Holio, for the Military Build Off!

Perfect day for a hike with the @vanquishproducts #vs410 loaded up with @knightcustoms and powered by @tekinracing Hope you’re out enjoying the weather!

Another #unimog from #scalebuildersguild member, @skinanbones_the_scale_builder for the Military Build Off!

I think we’re done here. #jdmodel #4runner #toyota

Unimog built by #scalebuildersguild member, @berkeley_scale for the Military Build Off.

Canadian Military Pattern truck for the Build Off from #scalebuildersguild Vendor, @wes_made

The #scalebuildersguild Military Build Off has come to a close! We’ll spend the next few days showcasing all the finishers! This is @fourthprotocol ‘s scratch built Land Rover.