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Samryn Eventing  Two Area IV Eventers ♕Sam and Cam♕ ✮Wishful Thinking✮ ✮Scully's Irish Ellie✮ ✮Vital Spirit✮ ✮Raptor Force✮

hey guys sorry we haven't been very active on this account at all! if you want to follow our more active accounts follow @wish_n_arrow @raptor.force.eventing @camryn.jh

Who's going to Heritage this weekend for the schooling show????? •Brownie will be doing his first combined test (starter), and Wish (pictured) will be doing two dressage tests!

So I brought Arrow in to pull his mane.... He instantly fell asleep. I am glad I wasn't riding him because I imagine he would've been very lazy. Being asleep, he almost fell over twice. I tried to get him into a stall with a fan after, but he didn't want to move. So I left him without cross ties on and started moving horses around. He still didn't wake up. I got him two treats so maybe he would smell them and want one, but still no. Finally another horse neighed and he woke up 😂
@wish_n_arrow #OTTB #arrow #sotired #4yo

Giraffe mode went from 0 to 100 real quick🦄anywho who's goin to Heritage this weekend??

First time back on Arrow after over 2 months was a success! The main focus today were the basics (walk, halt, turn, patterns at the walk, and a trot along the outside of he ring a couple times both ways. I am not planning on cantering any time soon. Not because he will be bad or anything, it's just he is not that balanced right now). The only thing that happened was a dang horse fly. We've had a horse fly incident before so I knew what he wanted to do (he gets really mad and starts prancing. The nice thing is that last time he waited for me to get off before he bucked). I hopped off just in case and he bucked once. I got back on and he was great. Tomorrow we will be doing the same thing, but at our home in our field!

Who's going to Heritage this weekend?

It's. So. Hot.

Our very own Ozwald made on to Eventing Nation!! @goeventing Go follow him and his journey to NAJYRC 2017!!!

Had a great ride at the Gegi Winslett clinic! And congratulations to Cam for completing her first CCI*!!!!

Gegi Winslett clinic on this guy today!

this sweet boy jumped clear for me today at my first CCI* and our 5th xc run together❤️❤️ #goodboyrappy #raptorforce #runrappyrun

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