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Stony Brook University BASIC  Bringing hope to Stony Brook's campus GBMs: Mondays @8pm Melville Library E4330 Bible Study: Thursdays @7:30pm East Side Dining

Food is NEVER a bad idea 😏. We are meeting from 3-5pm tonight at East dining near the deli to just eat and hang! Bring a friend, and come make new ones! Afterwards, join us for Bible study at the same spot ☺️🍔🌮🥙🍕🥪🥘🥗🌯🥨

Just a small bit of our crazy awesome weekend at #basiccon ! 3 of our very own got baptized, and SO many other lives forever changed! Jesus is so so good🙌🏾🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌-> just in case you’re yellow😏, you belong with us too😂😂😂. Come hear some more tonight at 8pm!!

You REALLY want to be at ourGBM tonight! We are going to worship Jesus, hear of the impact of this past weekend at conference, and have TONS of snacks! See y’all there

BASICcon weekend is finally here and we are so excited for what God is about to do. Our prayer for this weekend is a simple one: that God may have His way in our lives. That He may give us the faith and courage to lay it all at His feet and submit ourselves to His will. Whatever you want for us Lord, we are ready to receive it. We come into this weekend with open hearts and minds, and we know that we will not leave unchanged.

BASIC FAM!!! Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! Join us tonight for some awesome worship and a special guest speaker. Also,this weekend is BASICcon!!! It is crucial that all who are going come to tonight’s meeting as we will be making some very important announcements. We are so excited to see you all! Don’t forget to bring a friend or two 🤗.

From all of us here at Stony Brook BASIC, we wish you a happy and blessed Easter!

Do you wonder what Godly relationships look like? Or what the heck that even means?! Our GBM tomorrow is going to be fun 😏. We have a guest couple joining us that y’all seriously don’t want to miss! BRING A FRIEND! 8pm, Melville room 4330 #bringyourbootoo #askallthequestions #werenotscared #noboonoproblem 😂😂

•Verse of the Day•
A Christian life does not mean a perfect life. What sets us apart from everyone else is not that we won't have hard times but it's that as we go through them, God will be with us. In good times and in bad, He will remain faithful to us. God says when, not if, but when we go through the waters, He will be with us. The waters will come and we will go through them but we will not be alone. When facing one of life's storms, do not be afraid. Take courage in God's promises and trust in Him.

God is about to do some really big things on our campus tomorrow (AT 8PM NOT 7) and you don't want to miss it! Last year was awesome and we're sure that this year will be no different. Everyone and anyone is welcome to come worship and experience God's love on a whole other level with us. We really hope to see your beautiful faces there!! 🤗❤️

•Verse of the Week•
Living a Christian life is hard. We may often feel like we are alone on this journey and that no one understands the challenges that we experience. Thankfully, God has not only given us Himself but He has also given us one another to help us become the people He has called us to be. We should always serve as sources of encouragement and love for our brothers and sisters. We should uplift and be there for one another. Though some of us may not want to admit it, that fact of the matter is that we need one another. God did not create us to do life alone. He created us to love and be in constant fellowship with one another. Allow God to use you to reach the hearts of others and build them up.

• Verse of the Week• Being God’s child is so so good, that he will forgive us for all the wrongs and sins we have committed. We are so flawed but it doesn’t matter. His love is stronger than any sin we could commit, if we ask for forgiveness. Sometimes it’s hard for us to forgive as God has forgiven us. People hurt us and disappoint us, and we can justify our anger. But, our bitterness weighs us down and has a negative strain on our life. God wants us to live like him and forgive those who hurt us. Forgiveness is not a weakness, but a strength. Forgivness isn’t forgetting or accepting what they did, but not letting bitterness build in our heart. When we learn to forgive we learn to live a life like God.

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