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Stony Brook University BASIC  Bringing hope to Stony Brook's campus GBMs: Mondays @8pm Frey Hall Room 309 Bible Study: Thursdays @7:30pm East Side Dining

• Verse of the Week •
The more we understand how perfect God’s love for us is, the less we allow fear to have authority over us.
Understanding the depth of God’s love means understanding that He wants good for us. Nothing good is ever born out of fear. Fear causes us to live outside of the purpose that God has for us. Fear is destructive and it goes against what God wants for His children.
Why should we be afraid of our futures, of sickness, of the flawed world around us, and so much more when God has dominion over everything? God’s perfect love means that He will never harm us. If we believe that He is in control and He is for us, then we must also believe that He will work out everything for our good. So, what’s there to be afraid of?

It’s almost Monday, which means we’re almost back together! We CAN’T WAIT to see everyone, and have a new meeting room! Frey Hall room 309 is our new home for the semester, and we have some amazing things planned. Also, there will be some important announcements/ events you don’t want to miss ! Bring your Bible, something to write in, AND a friend!! #wegettodothis #collegeministry 🍪🍬🍩🤓

First night back playing “where the wind blows” 😂😂 #collegeministry #basic #couldaplayedallnightbutwedidnt

Welcome back Seawolves! We are so excited for this semester! Join us this Monday Night to hang out, meet new people and the first 30 people get FREE Chick-fil-A Sandwiches! See you guys there!!

To all of our graduates, congratulations! We are soo sooo proud of you all! We can not wait to see the wonderful things God has planned for your lives. We have not a single doubt that you’ll all accomplish great things. This doesn’t mean that mean things will always be easy or that there won’t be days when you feel like giving up. However, know that you are not alone and that God goes before you. Put Him above all things and trust Him to fulfill every promise He’s made to you.
To those whose undergrad journey with us is not yet over, congratulations to you too! You have finished another year of college or maybe it was your first. Either way, there is reason to celebrate! You made it through the late nights, stressful assignments, difficult coursework, and so much more. We are proud of you. Continue to work hard and diligently; doing all things for the glory of God. We can’t wait to see you all next semester!
Lastly, to those who are transferring, or leaving us due to reasons apart from graduation, you too deserve a congratulations. What you are doing isn’t easy and is stressful on many levels. You’ve had to make difficult decisions and have had to say goodbye to this chapter of your lives sooner than you expected to. We are proud of you for pushing through and not giving up. In the midst of the confusion and the uncertainty that may come, know that God plans for you are perfect and He is working everything for your good. Keep your head up and your eyes locked on Him. We here at BASIC will always be your family and there will always be a place for you here. We will miss you and we wish you the best.

Have a blessed and restful summer!

😢😢😢 BUT, it’s still a party!!!!! 🎊🎉Bring an appetite AND friends!!!

•Verse of the Week•
In all you do, make sure that God is in the center of it all. Too often, we live our lives however we want and it is only when things get difficult that we call on God to intervene. By surrendering everything to God, we can be assured that whatever happens in our lives is for our good. We are very much limited in how much control we have over our lives. But if we have faith in the God who has control over all things, He promises to never fail us or lead us astray. If we believe that He is a good and loving God, why not put our complete trust in Him?

Food is NEVER a bad idea 😏. We are meeting from 3-5pm tonight at East dining near the deli to just eat and hang! Bring a friend, and come make new ones! Afterwards, join us for Bible study at the same spot ☺️🍔🌮🥙🍕🥪🥘🥗🌯🥨

Just a small bit of our crazy awesome weekend at #basiccon ! 3 of our very own got baptized, and SO many other lives forever changed! Jesus is so so good🙌🏾🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌-> just in case you’re yellow😏, you belong with us too😂😂😂. Come hear some more tonight at 8pm!!

You REALLY want to be at ourGBM tonight! We are going to worship Jesus, hear of the impact of this past weekend at conference, and have TONS of snacks! See y’all there

BASICcon weekend is finally here and we are so excited for what God is about to do. Our prayer for this weekend is a simple one: that God may have His way in our lives. That He may give us the faith and courage to lay it all at His feet and submit ourselves to His will. Whatever you want for us Lord, we are ready to receive it. We come into this weekend with open hearts and minds, and we know that we will not leave unchanged.

BASIC FAM!!! Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! Join us tonight for some awesome worship and a special guest speaker. Also,this weekend is BASICcon!!! It is crucial that all who are going come to tonight’s meeting as we will be making some very important announcements. We are so excited to see you all! Don’t forget to bring a friend or two 🤗.

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