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SBS Australia  Celebrating the world's diverse stories and showcasing humans of SBS and Australia.


A haunting first look at season 2 of The #HandmaidsTale. Coming to SBS On Demand this April.

"I am a Chinese Australian, and my husband Lalith is Sri Lankan.

Early one morning, both Lalith and I were still in bed when my dad came knocking on my door telling me that I had received a bouquet of flowers. I thought it was extremely strange and didn’t know who would give me flowers. The flowers came with a note that said “look behind you” and I started to freak out. As I turned around, I saw Lalith on one knee with a ring in his hand and that’s when I cried.

In the lead up to the wedding, the biggest challenge was knowing that Lalith would have to battle with his parents to marry me. We got into a lot of arguments about his parents, as they didn’t initially understand and wanted Lalith to find someone within their own community. Through Lalith’s constant reassurance and love for me, I was able to worry less about getting married to him.

I want people to know that regardless of culture, race and conflicting expectations, couples can still unite and we hope our story serves as a strong example." - Louise

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Marry Me, Marry My Family - Tuesday 8.40pm on SBS and SBS On Demand.

The hit medieval drama series #Knightfall is coming to SBS in February. ⚔️⚔️⚔️

"In 2004 I decided to go on a six-month backpacking trip through Europe. Little did I know then that eight years would pass before I would return to live in Australia.
I met my future wife Tatiana whilst travelling through France. We clicked instantly, however, straight away there was a snag – she couldn’t speak a word of English and I couldn’t speak a word of French! What saved us was that Tatiana is a Belgian with Russian background and I am an Australian with Russian background. So there we were, in the middle of France, speaking in Russian to each other. As a child, I always complained as to why it was necessary for me to learn Russian, whereas, today I am so grateful to my parents for teaching me the language.

The next eight years were spent living in Ireland, England, back to Australia for a short stint, then Belgium where we finally got married.
My wife is the most loving, caring and patient person I’ve ever met – she learned English for me, migrated to Australia for me and stayed with me despite me taking seven long years to finally propose. She loves a barbie on the beach, sings along to Powderfinger songs and even attends AFL games now and then, although she hasn’t quite got used to Australian insects yet!

Thanks to my wife, I now appreciate Belgian beers and sweets, have learned a bit of French and most importantly have a whole new family on the other side of the world!

Our wedding day is still the most memorable and happiest day of my life. We were married in Belgium, surrounded by friends and family from all over the world. It felt like a United Nations conference at times with speeches in French, Russian and English.

I had never imagined I would be married in an old Belgian castle surrounded by a moat and forest, nor did I think I would be serenaded by a gypsy band, or that the wedding would go all night and into the morning – pausing only for traditional onion soup and sandwiches at midnight.
I’m so grateful to have met someone from a different culture and background and despite the challenges, it’s so enriching and rewarding to be part of such a special relationship.” - Andrew

#MarryMeMarryMyFamily - Tuesdays 8.40pm on SBS.

Six couples from different backgrounds must navigate family, religion and tradition before saying ‘I do'. #MarryMeMarryMyFamily starts tonight 8.40pm on SBS.

The 3 hour train journey everyone's talking about. Stream #TheGhan now on SBS On Demand. Link in bio.

"I was born in Suva, Fiji – to parents of Chinese, Fijian, Indian, Israeli (Jewish) and Nepalese heritage. My fiancé Alekz hails from the Black Country aka Wolverhampton, England, with an English accent and Polish nose thanks to his mixed ancestry.

Within a year I took Alekz to Suva and he was introduced to a mix of Fijian customs like preparing the lovo (traditional ceremony of meats, fish and vegetables cooked in the earth), nightclubbing in Suva (a necessary cultural experience), and being introduced to my extended family.

Alekz was very proud to take me back to his home town and country. He introduced me to his many friends, family, battered fish and chips and countryside walks.

We are both are incredibly proud of where we come from and have learned so much from each another and are proud to call Australia home, with Alekz pledging his allegiance to our sun and sea last year. An intercultural marriage awaits these mixed kids with their families coming together in what is likely to be a destination wedding." - Jackie

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"I’m an Australian with a Pakistani Muslim heritage and my husband Trav is Australian.
The proposal was very romantic - Travis packed a surprise picnic and took me to a park in Hawthorn. The park is where we had our first picnic as a family and under a beautiful tree, he got down on one knee. He designed the ring himself and it was just the perfect proposal with all of my favourite things.
Mum was apprehensive at first but once she got to know Trav she embraced him and considers him to be another one of her sons. She cooks his favourite curries for him and loves seeing him whenever we visit her now and that’s really nice.
Cross-cultural relationships are wonderful if people are open and accepting and willing to accept each other’s culture. Even though things may seem difficult in the beginning, if you really love someone and want to be with them and are willing to work at it and be respectful of your family’s wishes then everyone can be happy." - Rabia
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"I'm an Indian Australian married to a sarcastic, ginger-haired English man. We met online in 2009 on RSVP.

Our wedding was a week long celebration in Mahabalipuram, India and involved 70 people from around the world immersing themselves in Indian culture. It was, quite simply, the best week of my life.

My husband was nothing short of amazing. Sitting by a fire in the heat, having his face covered in a blind fold, repeating all the chants and prayers and most importantly putting up with all the pressure from my family to propose to me, as I was 36 and on the shelf.

We now have a baby girl. Her name is Jaya. A beautiful result of a cross-cultural relationship. We know her life will be richer for it." - Uma

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Marry Me, Marry My Family starts Tuesday 9 January on SBS and SBS On Demand.

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