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Mr. Bennett  The Ever So Talented Mr. Ripley 📷📹📝💭 I Show Life Through My Eyes In Case I Ever Get Alzheimer's. ᴰᴿᴱᴬᴹⱽᴵᴸᴸᴱ

Was So Cool To Meet Wale. Loved His Music For Years, Finally Got To Meet Him. Such A Cool Humble Guy. Real Down To Earth. Very Intelligent. Especially On Issues Going On In The World. Grateful For Meeting Mostly All Of The People's Music I Respect & And Appreciate, Only To Find Out They're Actually Cool People As Well ✊🏾

Kendrick Truly Is One Of The Humblest People I've Ever Met. Him & J. Cole Are Two Of The Most Humble Artist You Can Ever Meet. They Are So Down To Earth. Love That They Come From "Bad Areas" But Shed Positive Light To Their Own Cities. Kendrick Puts A Lot That Of The Money He Makes Back Into Compton To Make It Better. Into Compton Unified School Districts, After School Programs, Toy Drives For The Projects, So Much More! How Can You Hate Artist That Take Their Money And Betters The Cities That Raised Them? For That Reason All Always Support Kendrick And Others Like Him That Try To Help Out The Places That Are Basically Forgotten Or Left For Dead.#Respect #TDE #KENDRICKLAMAR #DAMN

It's Been A Long Week And A Half, But Right Before Everyone Had To Catch Flights And Go Home We All Managed To Be In The Same Place At One Time (EXTREMELY RARE). Though We're Short One Member (John) Who Was There Before We Took The Pic But Had To Go Somewhere, So He Wasn't In The Group Pic, I'm Still Happy We All Made It Together For The Time We Were Able To Spend. These Are My Bros. They Talk About Me Worse Than Any Potential Hater Or Enemy Every Could. As Do I To Them. That's What We Do. We Always Trash Talk (Especially About Sports). Individually, We Are All Completely Different People, That You Wouldn't Pair With Each Other Because Of Our Differences, But We All Have Common Goals And Besides All The Trash Talking And Roast (Lots And Lots Of Roast, Especially In The Group Chat) These Are My Bros & Im Glad To Have Such A Cool Group Of Guys To Call Friends... (Even Though Their Teams Are Trash... Especially The Lakers, Knicks & NY Giants) #BeSafeTho #ASC (Oh Yea, Im Not In The Picture. I'm Taking It. People Keep Asking Which One Is Me. Lol

It Was 5 Years Ago Today That I Got Shot. It Was Funny Because As A Kid That Was My Biggest Fear, Getting Shot. So I Stayed Out Of Gangs, To Avoid That. Funny Thing Is, Bullets Don't Have Names On Em. For Even More Irony, I Was Doing Something I Loved... Which Was Photography. A Passion Of Mine. It'd Seem Like That'd Be A Sign To Stop And Give It All Up. But Two Bullets Can't Keep Me From Doing Something I Love So Deeply. I Talk A Lot About The Government And The System That They Have Us Minorities Set On. Set Up To Fail. Often Times We Play Into It And Eat It All Up. So Since We're Struggling So Much It Causes Us To Wild Out And Hurt Each Other, Carrying Out The Plan That They Have Us On To Kills Us Off Or Have Us Kill Each Other Off. But We Have To Reverse That. I Know We All Want Cops And Others In Position Of Authority To Stop Killing Our Blacks, Browns & Other Minorities. But We Too Have To Step Up And Stop Killing Each Other. I Saw Who Shot Me. I Often Thought What I'd Do If I Saw Him Again. I'd Honestly Sit Him Down And Talk To Him. Show Him A Better Way. A Better Mind-state. I Could Easy Get Guns And Go Shoot Back. But That's Continuing The Cycle. That's Falling To The Trap They Have Us On. I'd Wish A Better Life For Him. He's Probably Stuck In A Hood Mentality Because That's All He's Exposed To. We Gotta Start Showing Love To One Another. WE Are Killing Each Other, WE Are Going To Jail, WE Are Being Separated From Our Families. Who Is Benefitting From All That? THEY Are! Although It's #BlackHistoryMonth I Appreciate All Cultures, Races, Religions, Sexuality. We Had To Work Together.. Look At Who Is Running Our Country... You Want To Leave Your Life In His Hands...? So Let's Start Loving Each Other. If I Can Forgive And Try And Better The Person Who Shot Me... Than You Can Drop Whatever Beef Or Thing You Got Going With Somebody. Don't Have To Be Their Best Friend, But Life Is Too Short. Let's Love And Respect Each Other And Get Through These Crazy Times Together ❤✊🏾

So Today Is February 3rd, #BlackHistoryMonth And Instead Of Highlighting A Person... Lets Take A Look At The 13th Amendment. This Is The Amendment That Was Set To Erase Slavery.......... Unless It's Used As Punishment For A Crime Committed. This Little Clause Makes A HUGE Difference. So There Is No Longer "Slavery"... Maybe Not On Fields. But Behind Those Prison Walls... It Still Exist. Prison Is One Of The Richest Business In This Country. The U.S Has The World Highest Incarceration Rate.. But We Are The Land Of The Free.. The Problem Is... Most Of These Jails Are Populated With Minorities. 1 Of Every 3 Black Men Go To Jail. Meanwhile 1 Of Every 17 While Men Go To Jail. Interesting Statistics Right. Even Worse Than That, A Heavy Amount Of The Offenses Are Drugs, Selling Drugs. But They're Still Getting Hefty Years As Though They've Committed Some Kind Of Violent Act. The Problem Is, This Is All Systematic. The Drugs Are Brought Into The U.S. (Not By Us Blacks) But Are Put In Black Communities. Some Of Us Sell It As A Means Of Surviving & Others Use It To Take Their Minds Off Of The Daily Struggles. Either Way We Get Nabbed For Both. Taking Away From Our Families. Locked Up For Long Times. That's If We Ever Even Make It To The Jail. If We Aren't Shot Down By Cops That Are Sworn To "Protect And Serve"... Who Though... Not Us. The Way The System Is Set Up.. They Want To Make A Profit Off Of Us. So Instead Of Giving Mass Education In Prison To Help Rehabilitate The People And Turn Their Life Around, They Enslave Them And Some Leave Prison Worse Than Before If They Do Go Home, Still Institutionalized In The Mind. Not Able To Grow And Mature Into The Men We Need Them To Be. It's A Vicious Cycle And We Need To Break It. The Country Is Full Of Greed And For The Money... They Don't Care How Or What They Have To Do... Even If It Means In Enslaving You #FoodForThought

So It's February 2nd #BlackHistoryMonth . Of Course A Face You All Know. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Very Rare Picture Of Him Smiling And Less Stressed, Which Is My Favorite. Funny To Think, How The FBI Had Him On Their Most Wanted List At One Point. Not Because He Was Some Serial Killer, Not Because He Was A Serial Rapist, Not Because He Was A Drug Lord/Kingpin, Not Because He Was Some Sort Of Terrorist Or Mass Killer... But Because He Was Fighting For Change And Equality (Which Was Unheard Of At The Time). Think About How Backwards That Is... Being FBI's Most Wanted... For Wanting Fairness, A Better Life. But This Is The Land Of The Free? Free For Who? Greatest Nation In The World For Who? No He Was No Quiet Man Who Just Said Lets Just Accept This And Be Quiet. He Was Considered One Of The Most Radical Leaders Of That Generation (Amongst A Few Others). But Just Think... What If He Never Said Anything? What If He Was Scared And Shy And Just Rolled Over And Just Accepted The Racist And Segregated Agenda Being Forced? How Different Would YOUR Life Be? No He Didn't Single Handedly Change Mankind, But He Led A Movement Of Generations To Fight On Until Progress Was Made. These Days We're Too Worried About The Turn Up & Being "Bad & Boujee" To Even Look Around And Seeing This Nation Fall Back Into Segregation. Even Worse This Time Around. Gender And Sexuality Inequality. Non-Equal Rights For Woman. Singling Out Specific Races & Religions. Banning "Terrorist" That Don't Exist. We Have To Wake Up. Stand Together. Take Back The Rights And This Country. When I Say We I Don't Mean Just Black People. I Mean WE THE PEOPLE!

Since It Is #BlackHistoryMonth I Want To Acknowledge Angela Davis. Probably One Of The Most Intelligent Activist Of Our Time (Amongst Other Greats). They Just Don't Make Them Like Her Anymore. If You Just Take A Look At Her Accomplishments, Morals, Outlook. Even Represented Herself In Court AND WON, In A Time Where It Was Unheard Of, Especially For Blacks. I Love Empowered Black Women. Empowered Women Period! Of All Races! Keep Striving And Achieving And Fighting For Your Rights That You All So Very Well Deserve. I'll Be Right Along Side Yall Fighting For Equality For Yall, With Yall

Before This Day Ends, I Want To Give One Last Shoutout To J. Cole . It's Been So Great To Watch The Progression From A Young Hungry Rapper, To A Mature Conscious Rapper. Along This Journey With Cole, I've Met So Many People That His Music Has Actually Helped. In Some Cases It Was The Only Thing They Had To Hold On To As Hope, To Push Them Through The Hard Times They've Had To Endure. It's Amazing How Someone's Words Can Inspire You To Keep Fighting Or To Not Give Up. Idc Who Is Considered The Best Rapper, Whose Songs Are The Most Turnt Up, Im Grateful For Cole Being A Voice For Those Who Almost Always Go Unheard. Thankful Fir Him Being Humble And Staying True To His Music, His Art, His Skill. No Matter How Boring You Might Feel His Raps Are, He Has A Verse For Almost Every Situation You've Been In. Giving Inspiration And Encouraging People To Follow Their Dreams. A Humble Man I've Had The Honor To Meet & Be Around. Happy Birthday @realcoleworld #ColeWorld #January28th #Dreamville

Only The Down South Nas, The East Coast Pac, The Carolina Andre & The Fayettenam Kanye... Could Bring Strangers Together And Make Them Feel Like Family. Biggest Sleepover I've Ever Been A Part Of. We Stayed Up All Night, Sang, Ate, Everything, Even Dealt With Cops, But Was An Experience I'll Never Forget. Happy Birthday Cole #january28th

Since It's Midnight In The Ville I Want To Send A Special Shoutout To @realcoleworld . It's Been A Long Few Years Since I First Listened. As You Continue To Grow, So Does Your Music. Continuing To Touch Those That It Relates To & Inspire Others. Through You And Your Music I Have Met So Many People. So Many Life Long Friends. Gotten The Chance To See Or Meet Some Of My Other Favorite Artist Because Of You. Got To See Drake & Jay-Z On The Same Stage As You On The Same Night. Saw Kendrick And Wale On The Same Stage As You On The Same Night. Seen You Perform For The President. Seen You Perform "Be Free" On Letterman. Seen You At The Million Man March In DC. Seen You In Ferguson After They Killed The Young Boy. Seen You March In Protest With The People, a With No Security, No Cameras For Publicity, Because You Were Down For The Cause. A True Man Of The People... Not Above But Equal. Happy Birthday J. Cole

I'm The Type To Say A Prayer, Then Go Get What I Just Prayed For 🙏🏾🔑

Was Really Happy I Got To See @letty.set.go Today. It Was A Great Pop Up Shop For The #RhymeCapture2017 Calendar. Special S/O To @therealdjdamage & @jorgepeniche . I LOVE This Picture Because It Represents 3 People Who I Respect. All 3 @letty.set.go @therealdjdamage @jorgepeniche Are Hustlers. They Do Their Job And Do It Well. @letty.set.go It Probably One Of The Most Respected Music Opinions I Value. Not Bias & Knows Her Shit. @therealdjdamage Always Making Moves, Always Killing Every Event I See Him At Or Radio Show I'm Listening To & @jorgepeniche Is One Of My Favorites. I Love All Of His Photography/Art Concepts. I'm Heavy Into Photography And Love His Work. I Respect All Of Their Work Ethics & Hustle In Their Passion To Keep Growing And They're All Cool Ass People, Never Been Rude Or Anything. Will Continue To Support Them ✊🏾. Had A Great Time At #RhymeCapture2017 @real923la

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